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Magpie by Elizabeth Day is a Twisting, Claustrophobic, and Intense Novel

Magpie: by Elizabeth Day is a Twisting, Claustrophobic, and Intense Novel

Magpie by Elizabeth Day is a twisting, claustrophobic, and intense novel. It deals with some sensitive issues such as bonds between mother and child, the fear of getting all you have longed for, envy and possession, hoping and heartbreak, and more. The book is based on the contemporary fiction genre and it deals with mystery and psychological thrillers. This book will have you intrigued from the very beginning. And as it continues, you will realize the power of suspense with different stories from two viewpoints. Let’s continue with the review and read about the plot.

Everything is ‘perfect’ until it is not. Jake and Marisa are the perfect couple. Jake is standoffish and somewhat stiff, not quite expressive when it comes to affection. Marissa and Jake have moved in together. Now Marissa can focus on her book creating business and she does not have to worry about paying rent anymore. Due to Jake’s financial requirements, they take in a lodger.

Magpie by Elizabeth Day
Magpie by Elizabeth Day

Kate as a roommate is perfect. Not only because Kate’s rent will give them the money they needed to have to try for a baby. Well, no one is perfect. Kate certainly does not care a lot about personal boundaries and privacy. She seems overly familiar with Jake on occasions and Marisa does not let it affect her. However, Kate seems to know a lot about them which is quite strange for a stranger. Eventually, the situation and the equation shift. She seems to be wedging herself betwixt Marisa and Jake. Marisa does not have Jake all by herself anymore. She cannot stand Kate’s attempt to destroy her blissful relationship with Jake. Not just that Kate is more invested than she should be in this new baby. Marisa’s pregnancy hormones are making it harder for her to grip even the simplest things.

Is there anything to be concerned about in this situation? I mean, three is a crowd, and now the fourth person is trying to intervene. Magpie by Elizabeth Day will certainly surprise the readers with the little twists and turns in the plot. One of the strongest features of the book is characterization. Marissa is a woman filled with emotions running from emotion to anger and everything between. Kate appears to be a manipulative and controlling personality, however as the storyline develops the readers get aware of her huge burdens. Then there is a character like Jake’s mother. Her passive-aggressive nature will make several readers clench their fists in fury.

Elizabeth Day did commendable work with such weighty issues from mental health to fertility issues and trauma of several kinds. Magpie by Elizabeth Day is a clever, domestic, and polished novel. If you are into thrillers and you like to read something addictive, un-put-down-able, and heart-pounding, you are certainly reading about your next favourite book.

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