By – Liz Moore

I am already forecasting Long Bright River to be in my top 5 books for 2020!

Long Bright River is honest and direct about the dysfunctional families, the opioid epidemic, and sex work. Liz Moore’s writing is overwhelming. I am having a two day hangover after finishing this book and I cannot wait for the movie to be produced.

Told in alternating timelines – both the Sisters, Mickey and Kacey, grew up inseparable after losing both parents to the opioid epidemic in Philadelphia. Mickey and Kacey were taken in by their Grandmother. When the girls were in their early teens, they started attending an after school program that was staffed by local police officers. Mickey found herself being mentored by a young male officer, while Kacey started hanging around other not so good teens.

Fast forward to their early 30s – Mickey is a single mother and a cop, while Kacey is a sex worker and addicted to drugs. Mickey’s was responsible to take care of Kacey’s working area, so she keeps an eye on her even though they haven’t spoken in 5 years. But suddenly sex workers start ending up dead, and Kacey goes missing, and Mickey’s captain doesn’t seem concerned about the dead sex workers, Mickey becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to her sister.If you are a mystery Novel lover. This one is must read for you.

If you are mystery Novel lover. This one is must read for you.