In Ink and Shadows we find Nora and her friends welcoming a newcomer to Miracle Springs. Celeste with her daughter, Bren, open a brand new store selling Cannabidiol products and Bren’s handmade jewellery. Problem starts when Nora’s Halloween window show highlighting solid female characters gets under the skin of a neighbourhood conservative values group. The group targets shops they find unsavoury, including Miracle Books and Celeste’s shop, Soothe.

More problem continues when Celeste’s daughter, Bren, ends up dead behind Nora’s home. However, before she died, she left an old paper loaded up with esoteric drawings and images under Nora’s doormat. Bren’s demise is announced an accident, however Nora knows there must be more to it than that. Celeste has some secrets of Her own and Bren’s? Did those secrets lead to Bren’s demise? Would they be able to unravel the truth before more damage is done?

Ellery Adams writing style is so captivating! She grabs your full attention and makes you feel like you are there. She works really hard to portray characters that you like to become acquainted with. I love Nora, and June, and Estella, and Hester. I need to embrace them all. They reach out to Celeste when she is hurting, when other ladies in the town have focused on her for the sake of “family esteems.”

The story of Ink and Shadows touched on some extraordinary topics, and one of them is a book, which introduces us to a friend from Nora’s past. Roberta Rabinowitz – Bobbie – was Nora’s college time roommate. At the point when Sheriff McCabe needs help getting familiar with the page that Bren left under Nora’s doormat, Nora guides him to Bobbie. Bobbie does not simply give valuable information – their is way more than just information. You need to read the book to know what I am saying. I love that we will meet her, and I trust we will see her in future books.

Little disappointment for me as we did not see Nora and Sheriff McCabe – Grant – push toward something more than friendship. The potential is there. I would recommend Ink and Shadows to grown-up ladies however, most mystery fiction lovers would presumably enjoy it as well. As Ink and Shadows is the 4th book of a series, I would also recommend to read the books to connect with the characters and understand the events or references in later books.

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