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monthly magazines and books From 90's

Nostalgic: Indian Kid’s Monthly Magazines and Books From 90’s

In today’s article, we bring to you a list of best Indian kid’s monthly magazines and books from 90’s. These are magazines and books we all grew up reading. We will talk about what exactly it was that made them so popular among us kids and reminisce together. From Baalhans and Tinke to the evergreen Amar Chitra Katha, these magazines have shaped our childhood. Even today, their mere memory is enough to bring a wistful smile to our faces. And if you search your cupboard for those forgotten, tattered magazines, we assure you, you will enjoy them just as much. Moreover, you’ll feel like a child again too!

List of Indian Kid’s Monthly Magazines and Books From 90’s:


Indian Kid's Monthly Magazines and Books From 90's (Champak)
Indian Kid’s Monthly Magazines and Books From 90’s (Champak)

The Delhi Press group started this hugely popular fortnightly magazine in 1969. Its colourful front cover coupled with its engaging stories have molded our formative years. Till date, they make wonderful stories, coupling memorable characters with moral stories. Even during the times of Covid, they have adapted and introduced a character  – “Corona.” Spreading simple messages through vibrant pictures and hard-to-put-down stories, this magzine is one that definitely makes us all nostalgic.



Combining educational content with stories, poems and funny jokes, Nandan set itself apart as a magazine. Brimming with the stories of sages, kings and other such characters that are unique to India, these magazines inspired awe in their readers. Over time, the makers tailored and adapted the content to suit its changing audiences and evolving time. The first issue featured Jawaharlal Nehru on the front cover and was launched by him. Hindustan Times discontinued this magazine during the pandemic, which as a source of great despair to its eternal fans.



The Hindi children’s magazine was a popular hit among kids. Especially for young children, they provided the perfect way to acquaint children with Indian mythology. From the Hindu Gods Ganesh and Hanuman to a horde of other memorable character, Baalhans captured our heart like no other magazine. It’s inexplicably sad that children these days don’t enjoy comics and magazines like we used to, because Baalhans was a constant source of comfort for all of us.

Diamond Comics

Diamond Comics
Diamond Comics

Founded by Gulshan Rai in 1978, Diamond Comics is the largest comic book publisher in India. Its Chacha Chaudhari was an iconic character, and coupled with the notorious Gabbar Singh and immortal Raakaa, he gave the stories an irresistible appeal. Apart from these, Raman the middle class office worker and Pinki were important characters that will forever stay etched in our memory. Motu-Patlu and Alturam-Falturam had their own witty and humorous appeal. All these wonderful characters made Diamond Comics superhit.

Raj Comics

Indian Kid's Monthly Magazines and Books From 90's (Raj Comics)
Indian Kid’s Monthly Magazines and Books From 90’s (Raj Comics)

Rajkumar Gupta created these comics in 1986 and they were in instant hit. These comics were famous for their medieval fantasy, horror, and mystery stories, a genre previously unexplored in the realm of comics. In addition, they had a superhero star cast including Super Commando Dhruva, Nagraj and Shakti who gave us major hero vibes. Bhokal, Ashwaraj and Yoddha were characters based on ancient times, yet they had a huge appeal as well. Raj Comics were one of the most loved Indian children’s comics of all time.


Indian kid's monthly magazines and books From 90's (Tinkle)
Indian Kid’s Monthly Magazines and Books From 90’s (Tinkle)

Tinkle was perhaps the most widely read and loved children’s magazine ever. With characters like Supandi and Shikari Shambhu that still hold a place in our hearts, it gave us the fondest memories of our childhood. Remember how we eagerly waited for this monthly magazine to arrive at our doorstep? Those were definitely THE days. Published by India Book House in 1980, this one truly defined our childhood.

Amar Chitra Katha Books

Indian Kid's Monthly Magazines and Books From 90's (Amar Chitra Katha)
Indian Kid’s Monthly Magazines and Books From 90’s (Amar Chitra Katha)

How can this list ever conclude without including our favourite Amar Chitra Katha? This publishing company founded by Anant Pai in 1967 has now become a household name. Although it’s a company, we refer to it as a series of books, that’s how beloved it is today! These books brought (and still bring) to us stories of Indian mythology, history and literature. From stories of the Puranas and epics Ramayana and Mahabharata to stories of Shivaji, Akbar and Tipu Sultan to folktales and fables, these have been integral in protecting the heritage of India and in shaping our childhood!


Indian kid's monthly magazines and books From 90's (Chandamama)
Indian Kid’s Monthly Magazines and Books From 90’s (Chandamama)

Chandamama was started first by Geodesic in Telugu and Tamil. Eventually, it was adapted to English as well. It is one of the longest running magazines in the history of India. Today, it is available in a multitude of indigenous languages and well. Bringing our ancient mythology back to life, these magazines played an important role in our childhood. With the wonderful illustrations that they were famous for, they definitely shaped our cultural sensibilities. They were our first gateway to the rich and varied sub-cultures of India.



Published from 1979 to 1995, this monthly magazine was a hot favourite of the 80s kids. From its jokes section and pen pals section to short stories, word games and exam tips, this magazine had everything that could possibly interest a child. Tegrat the Super Sleuth, Detective Moochhwala and Gardhab Das are characters whose memories still flood our minds at the mere sound of their name. The characters depicted real life stories that children could relate to, unlike stories of kings and queens, making them so beloved.

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