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I failed my way to success - Thomas Edison

I failed my way to success – Thomas Edison

Thomas Alva Edison, an American inventor and businessman, was renowned for his ingenious creativity and persistent work ethic. His significant contributions to modern industrial society, including the invention of the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the practical electric light bulb, have left an indelible mark on the world. Yet, his journey to these monumental successes was not straightforward. It was riddled with numerous setbacks, countless experiments, and frequent failures. Edison himself summed up this journey in a simple but profound quote: “I failed my way to success.”

These powerful words encapsulate the essence of Edison’s tenacious spirit and relentless pursuit of innovation, providing a valuable lesson for everyone who dreams of achieving greatness. In today’s fast-paced, success-oriented world, failure is often perceived negatively, viewed as a dead end rather than a stepping stone to victory. Edison’s quote, however, challenges this prevailing notion, prompting us to reconsider our understanding of failure and success.

Thomas Edison’s Life as an Example

Thomas Alva Edison’s journey towards becoming one of history’s most influential inventors is a striking testament to his own quote, “I failed my way to success.” Born in 1847 in Milan, Ohio, Edison’s early life was marked by curiosity, ingenuity, and an insatiable appetite for knowledge. Despite his limited formal education, he developed a strong scientific acumen and an indomitable spirit of inquiry.

Edison’s prolific inventing career was not without its fair share of setbacks and failures. His experimental approach to problem-solving led him down numerous paths of trial and error. One of the most striking examples was his quest to develop a practical and affordable electric light system, which involved a grueling search for the perfect filament for the electric light bulb.

Edison and his team tested more than 6000 different materials, from bamboo to carbonized cotton thread, in their quest to find a durable and long-lasting filament. With each failed attempt, Edison did not concede defeat but instead gleaned valuable information, using these insights to refine his process. He famously quipped, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” After much persistence, the team finally discovered that a carbonized bamboo filament could burn for over 1200 hours – a substantial success that fundamentally transformed the world and our way of life.

I failed my way to success - Thomas Edison
I failed my way to success – Thomas Edison

But the light bulb wasn’t his only notable project marked by a series of failures. His efforts to refine the phonograph, develop storage batteries, and even his attempts to commercialize a domestic source of rubber all faced substantial setbacks. Yet, these experiences did not deter Edison. Instead, they strengthened his resolve, pushing him to explore, learn, and eventually succeed.

Thus, Edison’s life story exemplifies the essence of his quote. His journey was not a linear path to success but a winding road, paved with setbacks, disappointments, and failures. However, by learning from his mistakes and persevering through challenges, Edison was able to transform these stumbling blocks into stepping stones towards his remarkable successes.

Importance of Failure in the Path to Success

When embarking on any journey towards a goal, it is important to understand that success is rarely instantaneous or straightforward. Instead, it is often the result of a multitude of failures, learned lessons, and adapted strategies.

  • Learning Opportunities from Failure: Every failure carries within it the seeds of invaluable learning. These instances of “non-success” offer insights into what does not work and, by extension, steer us towards potential solutions that could work. They highlight our weaknesses, enabling us to build upon them, and show us the areas where we need to focus our efforts. As exemplified by Thomas Edison, each failed experiment brought him closer to the solution he sought, providing crucial knowledge that informed his subsequent attempts.
  • Building Resilience and Character: Failure also plays a crucial role in character development. It tests one’s patience, determination, and resilience. Every setback challenges our motivation, pushing us to summon the strength and tenacity to continue. As we rise from each failure, we build resilience – an essential trait for enduring the journey towards success.
  • Failures as Stepping Stones towards Success: The journey to achievement is often paved with numerous failures. Yet, it is through navigating these challenges that we gain the experience and knowledge necessary for success. The pathway to success, therefore, is not a highway of continuous victories but a stairway where each step is a lesson learned from failure.
  • Real-life Examples: Several renowned individuals exemplify this principle. J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, faced numerous rejections before finding a publisher for her now world-famous series. Similarly, Sir James Dyson went through 5,126 prototypes over 15 years before he perfected his revolutionary vacuum cleaner.


Thomas Edison’s notable quote, “I failed my way to success,” offers a profound insight into the intricate relationship between failure and success. As his life so vividly demonstrates, the journey towards achievement isn’t a straightforward path but rather a winding road filled with obstacles, setbacks, and failures. But these very failures, when embraced, can serve as invaluable learning opportunities, fostering resilience and paving the way for eventual success.

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