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How Stories Can Shape The Moral Values Of Kids

How Stories Can Shape The Moral Values Of Kids

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” This quote by Robert Brown perfectly tells why stories are important especially in today’s world. There are many advantages to story telling. Let us see how stories can shape the moral values of kids and why you should encourage them to read more.

Increase The Kid’s Imagination

Listening to stories can make your child think. This opens your child’s brain and makes him think out of the box. Listening to a story makes you think and imagine more. Whenever they listen to a new story various possibilities are open to them to think and innovate. When you read the kids a book the creativity increases. A reading habit should be formed in kids.

Betterment in Language

Reading and listening to stories increases a child’s vocabulary. Exposing a child to new words makes them more curious and more familiar with the language. A child also learns more about his native language when he reads books or stories in his native language. When a kid has improved reading skills he can learn more effectively. Reading or listening to stories increases our communication skills.

How Stories Can Shape The Moral Values Of Kids
How Stories Can Shape The Moral Values Of Kids

Teach Them Values

Various stories teach the kids different lessons. Lessons on honesty, kindness, and empathy are mostly shown in kids stories. By listening or reading them, the kids try to inculcate these practices. When kids hear such stories they relate to them and try to mimic them. It is essential for adults to choose the right books for kids.

Folklore Keep Them Close To Their Culture

Stories depicting ancient folklore, like the Panchatantra Tales or The Arabian Night teach a lot about our history. Stories like these keep the kids close to their culture thus keeping a connection between them and their ancestors. There are also so many values taught in these tales which are helpful today for kids. If we teach these stories they will have respect as well as love for their culture.

Increase In Confidence

Children who can read well are more confident. This confidence comes from knowledge. The stories we read are full of knowledge which is beneficial for young kids.
Also reading also improves your writing skills, which in turn improves your confidence.

How Stories Can Shape The Moral Values Of Kids
How Stories Can Shape The Moral Values Of Kids

Able To Better Understand Their Feelings

When kids listen to these stories they are listening to new experiences. These experiences help them understand their feelings better. As they can understand themselves better, they are able to express themselves better. And this increases their confidence. When you child is confident he is better at learning also.

Listening Skills Are Increased

Kids find it difficult to concentrate on one thing for long time, stories are a great way to increase their concentration. When they listen more their concentration also increases. Many find it difficult to hold their focus on one thing, stories come in handy in this situation also.

Improves Social Skills

Reading story books teaches children to be more patient. It teaches them to be attentive and also teaches them how to act in different social situations.

How Stories Can Shape The Moral Values Of Kids
How Stories Can Shape The Moral Values Of Kids

Sharpens Memory

When you tell your kids stories, their memory is actually sharpening as they are trying to recall the events of the story. You can do fun activities with your kids where he can narrate the story to you again after you finish it to see how much of it he is able to recall.

Helps In Relaxation

The soothing background of a story makes your child forget all the worries he has. He is completely immersed in the story . This helps the kid relax and destress. After relaxation your kid will be more focused to do his daily activities.

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