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Holly: By Stephen King

Holly: By Stephen King

I’m thrilled to share my thoughts on Stephen King’s latest foray into the crime genre—Holly. If you’re a fan of his Bill Hodges Trilogy, you’re in for a treat because Holly Gibney takes center stage this time. Trust me, you won’t be able to put this book down; I devoured it in just two days!

While the novel steers clear of the paranormal elements King is famous for, it doesn’t lack in suspense or darkness. Holly investigates a series of unsettling serial killings, and it’s the very absence of supernatural evil that makes the story so chilling—this time, humans are the monsters.

Holly: By Stephen King
Holly: By Stephen King

Fans got a glimpse of Holly’s solo investigative prowess in IF IT BLEEDS, and she doesn’t disappoint here, either. This time, she’s navigating a missing persons case during a pandemic. The novel really dives into her character, and it’s fascinating to witness how she deals with the situation.

If you’ve been skeptical about Holly’s place in King’s universe, this book might change your mind. She’s layered, nuanced, and downright compelling. The story itself, devoid of any supernatural factors, leans into the grim realities of human evil. It even conjured memories of Dexter’s recent reboot in its portrayal of villainy.

Now, if you’re after King’s signature supernatural horror, you won’t find it here. But don’t let that dissuade you. Holly is a gripping read, showcasing King’s talent for dialogue and character development. Plus, the ending is actually solid, wrapping up the narrative in a satisfying manner.

So, whether you’re a long-time King devotee or new to his work, Holly deserves a spot on your reading list. It’s a compelling, unsettling story that proves King is a master regardless of the genre he chooses to write.

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