Her Last Holiday by C.L. Taylor is a suspenseful, mystery-thriller novel with a perfect ending. The novel is told from different character points of view in two time lines. The story writing of this novel truly hooked me through out the book. C.L. Taylor’s writing always keeps you thinking to continue reading for one more chapter after every chapter, and this novel was no special case. We hear stories from two sisters and we hear from both of them then and now. We follow Fran’s story now as well as then and we will hear Jenna’s side of the story then. However, there is also another voice we will hear, and that third voice holds such countless keys. Keys to open some of the secrets we uncover in both Fran and Jenna’s accounts. It was all so brilliantly thrilling.

Her Last Holiday By C.L. Taylor (Suspenseful, Mystery-Thriller Novel )
Her Last Holiday By C.L. Taylor (Suspenseful, Mystery-Thriller Novel)

It is so difficult to discuss anything without giving spoilers, however my reviews are always spoiler free. So I need to begin by saying that despite Fran may appear on paper to be a stand-offish person. A person who might be difficult to relate with. I truly ended up relating to her from numerous points of view. We meet her right at the start. I simply love the amazing person she is and I needed to discover why. That was an essential part of the journey for me. So I love that thread of finding what makes Fran who she is as the story advances.

I likewise appreciated becoming acquainted with Jenna and perceiving how this started. Through Jenna we came to know about Tom and how his entire spiritual healing gig started. That is the place where we get truly deep into this situation. I was worried for Jenna through out the novel and ended up holding my breath whenever she showed up. Everything about these characters and this book is simply so interesting.

Her Last Holiday by C.L. Taylor has a really insightful author’s note. Along with a warning not to read the acknowledgements before reading the novel. Both the things were just added bonuses for me. I love the authors notes and also love to read the acknowledgements before I start the book. This is such a unique book and different from C.L. Taylor’s previous books. But, it is still just as thrilling and just as hard to put down. Highly recommended!

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