Good Girl Complex by Elle Kennedy is a delicious slow-burn, opposites attracting, and entertaining new adult romance. It was a quick and easy read. I liked the two characters, their chemistry was ok, not quite as solid as I’d expected yet not bad.

The female protagonist is “Mackenzie Cabot” – She is dating Preston, who is self-absorbed, pompous and disloyal for sure. Mackenzie Cabot took a year to go into business and she has made 7 figures, yet she guaranteed her parents that if she would take a gap year, she would go to their preferred college when it was finished.

Good Girl Complex by Elle Kennedy is a delicious slow-burn
Good Girl Complex by Elle Kennedy is a delicious slow-burn

The male protagonist is “Cooper Hartley” – He is a bartender and a local in the seaside town of Avalon Bay, Which is located near the upper crust Garnet College. Coop has made few plans for his life, so when he gets terminated on the grounds that a person named Preston basically threatened his chief, he chooses to get back at Preston.

The Story: Mackenzie is a good young lady who actually does all that her parents ask her to do, from dating the person they like to going to college regardless of the fact that she is growing a successful business. So she is shocked to see that she is drawn to the first local she meets when her and her flat mate go out to a neighbourhood bar.

The story of Good Girl Complex was fantastic. Elle Kennedy does new grown-up so well. I thought this would be the classic good girl and bad boy sexual romance and it was, yet it was a lot more. The bad boy wasn’t too bad. However he surely could fight and has a terrific body and tattoos to go with the bad boy picture.

I need to admit there are a few circumstances and characters that didn’t interest me about this story, however I liked Mac, Cooper, and believed in them as a couple. This brings a totally different cast of characters in new boardwalk town. Some of them are likable, some needed to develop on me, and some irritated me. I believe there are some other stories developing that could proceed with the series particularly with his twin sibling, Evan, and perhaps playboy friend, Tate.

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