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First Indian Movie to Reach Comic-Con: Kalki 2989 AD

First Indian Movie to Reach Comic-Con: Kalki 2989 AD

Indian cinema, known for its diverse narrative forms and vibrant storytelling, has made a historic leap into the global pop culture sphere. ‘Kalki 2989 AD’, became the first Indian movie to reach the prestigious stage of the San Diego Comic-Con – the world’s leading comic book and pop culture convention. This marks a milestone not just for the creators of ‘Kalki 2989 AD’, but also for the entire Indian film industry, demonstrating its growing influence and recognition on a global platform.

Kalki 2989 AD’s unique blend of Indian mythology and futuristic science fiction has the caliber to captivated audiences domestically as well as resonated with international viewers, making it a suitable candidate for Comic-Con. With this breakthrough, ‘Kalki 2989 AD’ paves the way for other Indian cinematic creations to enter the hallowed halls of international pop culture conventions.

In a candid conversation, Director Nag Ashwin shed light on the conception of ‘Kalki 2989 AD’. His deeply-rooted passion for the epic saga of the Mahabharata intertwined with his fascination for the sci-fi galaxy of Star Wars, serving as the creative spark for the movie. This distinctive amalgamation formed the core idea behind the film, stirring excitement among the entire crew to showcase it on the international platform of Comic-Con.

First Indian Movie to Reach Comic-Con: Kalki 2989 AD
First Indian Movie to Reach Comic-Con: Kalki 2989 AD

Stellar Cast in Kalki 2989 AD

Leading the cast is the charismatic Prabhas, widely known for his spellbinding performances in the ‘Baahubali’ series. With a proven track record in successfully steering high-budget, ambitious projects, Prabhas’s portrayal of the protagonist in ‘Kalki 2989 AD’ is eagerly anticipated.

Sharing the limelight is Bollywood’s legendary megastar, Amitabh Bachchan. Bachchan’s unrivalled acting finesse and powerful screen presence promise to bring an additional layer of gravitas to the film.

Kamal Haasan, a multifaceted actor and an undeniable pillar of Indian cinema, joins the cast, lending his versatile acting skills to an intriguing character in the film. His involvement assures a nuanced performance that will be a delight to watch.

Deepika Padukone, an actress known for her striking performances and immense talent, is set to bring her unique blend of elegance and intensity to her role in ‘Kalki 2989 AD’.

Disha Patani, one of Bollywood’s rising stars, is also part of this eclectic mix. Along with other prominent actors like Pasupathy and Saswata Chatterjee.

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