FAT CHANCE, CHARLIE VEGA by Crystal Maldonado is an incredible, real, and heartfelt young adult contemporary reading. It’s about the manners in which we define ourselves, our friendship, and forging our own paths. Charlie is a fat, brown girl who consistently feels like she comes in second to her stunning best friend – even to her mom. Since her dad’s demise, her mom has gotten serious about weight loss and looking thin, determined to define her life and attempting to change Charlie’s. Charlie is happy with herself and she loves and values her body for what it is.

After a man uses her to get to her best friend in the cruellest manner. Charlie started to take stock of her life and attempt to sort out who she needs to be and with whom she will surround herself. At the point when this adorable person on whom she has a crush starts to show he loves her back, Charlie struggles to trust it. However, when they started dating, Charlie started to find her confidence. Possibly to have it crash when her best friend uncovers something critical amidst a fight.

Now, Charlie should define herself on her own terms and choose how she will carry on with her life and love herself for what her identity is. The subjects of this book are truly amazing. Charlie is an extraordinarily adorable and understandable character.

Friendship is a major subject here, and I adored the connections she has with people around her, and particularly Amelia. Their relationship is not perfect, however generally, they are real, supportive, and there for one another. This was a definite highlight (among such countless awesome things). As far as the romance is concern, it was absolutely swoony, and I liked watching it come together. Love, in all its forms (cousins, friends, romantic), is so perfectly portrayed here – complexities and all.

Charlie learns a lot all through the novel, and the process was very provocative and amazing. Her character development all through the story is truly moving. She really blossoms, and I love that the romance she has doesn’t define these changes. However, at last they all come from the inside. Charlie feels so real, and she is somebody I adore. I recommend FAT CHANCE, CHARLIE VEGA by Crystal Maldonado to people who like reading character development romantic stories.

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