Exit written by Belinda Bauer is the fourth novel that I’ve read by this author. Each one of them were unique in its own way. If you are expecting a crime thrill with fast paced plot this isn’t the book for you. There is certainly a crime happened, more then one occasion actually. However that isn’t all that Belinda Bauer has store for you.

One of the qualities in Exit, as always in her books, are the characters with strong personalities that she introduces us with. There is a genuinely good sized cast of characters here, some old, some young, some good and some trouble makers, and a few people who are simply attempting to get along throughout everyday life. Felix is one character who belongs to this last category. He’s a widower and misses his better half and child dearly. he has a secret job, he is an “Exiteer”. The Exiteer’s responsibility is to sit with an individual who is choosing to end their own life. Mostly the reason behind such decision is terminal disease, incredible debilitating pain, and so on. They are not permitted to help at all, they are simply there so their families realize that they didn’t die alone.

Sounds like a decent way to die, what might actually turn out badly? As it turns out, PLENTY’! Before the initial 30 pages are finished Felix will be on the run from the police, another Exiteer is certain that he has killed somebody, and the police simply need to know what occurred at third Black Lane.

Exit is told from two perspectives. One is that of Felix. Other is that of detective Calvin Bridge. He and his team attempt to unravel all of the twists in this crime, and there are many! Calvin develops all through this book, both in his own life and in the confidence he has in his own ability at his job.

Exit is unputdownable. I was equally invested into the story line and attempting to sort out the mystery. However I was also anticipating the following piece of humour that I would come across. Exit was a totally charming and twisty novel that I can recommend to everybody.

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