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Every school should encourage students to spend time in library

Every School Should Encourage Students To Spend Time In Library

The school library is an important place in school because there students gain new knowledge, skills and personal development that students will use throughout their lives. Libraries have books that are suited to the interests and aptitudes of students of different age groups. There are magazines, periodicals, and newspapers available for reading. Through books, libraries open doors to new concepts, adventures and a whole world of new ideas to be explored. However, in some schools it do not receive much attention from the teachers and students.

Libraries are important as they encourage curiosity, innovation and problem solving. They are important part of the cultural and social life of the school. It is a central hub for reading, cultural activities, access to information, knowledge, deep thinking and having lively discussions. A well-resourced library can make a significant difference in the outcome of learning for a student. Thus every school should encourage students to spend time in library.

Libraries’ book collection and its tranquil environment is designed for the students to read books and gain new knowledge in quiet atmosphere, which is not provided in the classroom. Reading habits can be cultivated in students when there are books available that interest students and occupy their attention. Not all students are in position to purchase all the books they want to read and there might be others who may not find books that interest them. The libraries have vast collection of books and therefore each student gets to read what they want.

A library is a safe place where students from different backgrounds and cultures come together to learn and read. In libraries, students have the independence to choose their own reading material, to find books or any other resources that help them develop their interests and strengths at their own pace. This helps enhance the learning experience. It helps close the education gap between students who otherwise might be at a disadvantage. It like wise provides them access to stories and information.

Every School Should Encourage Students To Spend Time In Library

Every school should encourage students to spend more time in library, so that they can gain new information and knowledge. Encouraging students to read is important. Schools can encourage students by setting up reading challenges. Students can be motivated to read by a little competition. There can also be a reward or recognition of some kind involved for whichever students who completes the reading challenge.

Schools can host book clubs for students. Book clubs are the perfect way to foster the habit of reading in students. Students along with teachers can host book club in the library. In today’s digital world, students use Google and Wikipedia for general questions in homework and to do assignments. So schools can come up with homework or assignments that involves a visit to the local library.

Schools can also organize a field trip to the local library. This will give school a chance to introduce students to libraries they may never have visited before. Field trips to the library can teach students the way libraries work, how to use resources and it might even encourage them to set up a membership. Schools can arrange different types of group activities in libraries.

There can be reading groups or students can learn new skills together in a group. There are many activities that are appealing for students to learn in groups. Schools can encourage students to read and write book reviews. Book reviews that are well written can be displayed in the school library or in classroom. Schools can invite authors to interact with students in the school library. Students will get to learn how writers get their ideas and turn them into books. This can help to get students interested in both writing and reading.

Maya Angelou has said, “Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.” Library is a collection of information and knowledge. They open doors to the world and can inspire students to explore and achieve great things. So, every school should encourage students to spend time in library.

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