Hey, welcome back to our Spider-Verse series! In the last comic “End of The Spider-Verse – Part one”, we saw how Shathra was determined to turn or kill every Spider-Man variant from Spider-Verse, and Morlun went to earth 616 to warn the chosen Spider-Man. However, it turned into an ugly fight, and Spider-Man Noir killed Spider-Women, revealing that many of Spider-Man’s friends are now enemies. But in this episode “End of The Spider-Verse – Part two”, we will see how Spider-Man of earth 616 and his friends face their own friends turned enemies and how a new character saves the day. Let’s dive into the story!

End of The Spider-Verse – Part two | Booklicious Podcast | Episode 12

Spider-Man of earth 616 and his friends are fighting their friends turned enemies. They are trying to restrain from killing any turned spider characters as they want to cure them back.

Suddenly, a new character appears from the portal. It is none other than Spider-Girl with powers like Doctor Strange. She calls it “Mystic Spider-Totem Energy.” Spider-Girl transports all the spider characters who need to be saved from turning into Shathra’s pet into another dimension.

The world that Spider-Girl transported the spider characters to is different. It is not entirely a spider-verse world. In fact, it is a beta version of earth 616, hidden from the eyes of Shathra. Here, Spider-Man 616 and his remaining friends meet strange characters with spider abilities. Some of the stranger characters include Singing Princesses, Kraven the Hunter, but like spider, and The Night Spider, who believes that with great power comes no accountability.

As everyone starts generating concerns about Morlun, he starts with the death of his family that involves Shathra, Loomworld, and his fight with Shathra. Finally, he was teleported to the earth 616 beta. And now, the enemy of his enemy became his friend.

As the story of Morlun ends, one of Spider-Man’s friends sees that he was infected by Shathra’s insects, and now, Shathra can see through his eyes.

That’s all for today’s episode! We saw how Spider-Man of earth 616 and his friends faced their own friends turned enemies, and a new character saved the day. We also saw how they discovered a new world and strange characters with spider abilities. Finally, we learned about Morlun’s backstory and how one of Spider-Man’s friends got infected by Shathra’s insects. Stay tuned for the next episode!

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