Most booklovers like to hoard books. Yes – I get the appeal too. Having a huge bookshelf that you can pick books from at whim sounds enticing. But let’s be real – in all probability, you’re never going to read that middle grade Judy Moody book again, no matter how important it was in your childhood. And you’re not going to pick up that trashy thriller you bought at the airport. So why not change someone’s life by gifting them this? In fact, by donating, you’ll probably help more than just the person you donate to. It’s a chain of good vibes, and here’s how one act of book donation can help many–

How One Act of Book Donation Can Help Many
Donate books: How One Act of Book Donation Can Help Many?

Gift of Learning

Of course, the most important way donation helps is that you gift a person learning. They can make use of this learning to further their life, which means you’ll play a role in improving, if not changing, someone’s life. It also provides a means of escape for those in underprivileged homes, and gives them much needed entertainment and happiness. Either way, you’ll gift someone something way more valuable than just money or clothes that improve their exterior – books will improve their interior.

Helps Underprivileged

Of course, books are a great help to the underprivileged as well, since books (especially those hardcovers you love) are so darn expensive. Most underprivileged children in your area will not be able to afford them. But by donating your books, you can enable them to have access to resources that are available only to a certain section of society. In your own little way, you’ll shift the power imbalance in the country (albeit in a miniscule way)! Plus, if you donate your textbooks, then you’ll actively have played a role in someone’s education, especially since textbooks are the most expensive!

Recycling Helps the Environment

Needless to say, recycling and thrifting books greatly helps the environment by reducing consumption of things that destroy it. Did you know that an average book costs the world anywhere between six hundred to eight hundred glasses of water? Not to mention the countless trees that are felled for the purpose. So when you donate a book, you prevent someone else from buying it and hence reduce their water and wood footprint.

Inculcates Good Values In Those Around You

Obviously, donating is an act of goodness and sharing – it sends ripples of goodwill throughout society. Maybe, your act will inspire those around you to take the same step, multiplying the benefits of donation. This will give you and those around you inner peace and will give rise to more book donation, by way of reinforcement. As this cycle continues, you’ll realize that you and your circle are now better human beings than before.

Makes you feel happy and genuinely content

As book lovers, nothing is more satisfying that reading a good book. And when you gift someone this experience, you will feel deep joy in your innermost being – the joy of sharing love, happiness and pure wonder.  Sharing itself makes you feel good, and sharing books wil make you feel on top of the world!

Cleanses Your Space

Donating old books that you most likely will never read again declutters your space. This will either give room for more (hopefully thrifted) books or cleanse your space. The benefits of a free moving, minimalist and decluttered space are well known. Apart from its spiritual benefits like the free flow of karmic energy, it plays an important part in self care as well. Organizing the space you live in will automatically organize your life.

May Support Your Local Library System

All booklovers can agree that libraries are a sublime gift to the world. But unfortunately, library systems have been on the decline for a while now. The availability of books online at the drop of a hat and the necessity to own books are pushing libraries out of business. BY donating books to your local library, you might just help it survive. This means you get to read more books, which is a win-win!

Can Give People a Livelihood

When you donate books to charity organizations that hep it reach the person you intended it to, it gives people livelihood along the way. Dozens and hundreds of people are working in these organizations to supply books to the underprivileged, and your donations can help pay for them. Plus, this will give them incentive to stay in the business, which will keep the cycle going.

These are few point which shows how one act of book donation can help many. If you have books that you want to donate contact us and we will help you donate your books to poor kids in India. Email:

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