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Cross her heart

Cross Her Heart (Bree Taggert Book 1) : By – Melinda Leigh

By – Melinda Leigh

Cross Her Heart is the first novel in what appears to be an exciting new series. Bree Taggert is a cop who left the birth town and rarely goes their. At the point when her sister calls for help Bree is forced back home and to manage the issues she abandoned. Bree is smart, driven and imperfect. This mystery novel gives us a few suspects and intentions. Bree is used to that however her family does not really. This book will suck you in and not let you go till the last page.

After Bree catches the criminal she has pursued down, she tunes in to a voice message from her sister, Erin, in which Erin seems frightened and says she is in a tough situation requesting Bree’s help. Bree promptly organizes time off to go to Gray’s Hollow, New York, where she was born, and where her sibling Adam, actually lives.

Before Bree can arrive, Matt Flynn, a previous Sheriff’s representative and K9 official, who was shot in the line of duty, because of which can presently don’t pass through a guns test in light of the harm done to his dominate hand from a “shoot”, shows up at the house where his long-term friend Justin Moore, lives. In light of a physical injury got in a car crash, Justin has gotten dependent on OxyContin.

Erin didn’t need drugs in the house where her children live thus she requested that he move out. He was currently attending NA gatherings and, since he was not permitted to drive, Matt drove him back and took him to the gatherings. At the point when Matt and Brody, his previous K9 partner and now his own pet, shown up to get Justin, Brody made Matt aware of the way that something was wrong. when Matt at last went into the house he discovered Erin in Justin’s room floor dead from a gunshot with Justin mysteriously gone.

All of the secondary characters have important parts in “Cross Her Heart” and you will find them exciting. The killjoy for me in this novel is the absence of emotional connection between Matt and Bree. I realize that component will come in the future books.

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