Blade of Secrets By Tricia Levenseller is the first novel in her recent Bladesmith duology. One of the things I love most about Blade of Secrets is Ziva. Levenseller made a really, convincing and relatable character. I may not experience social anxiety the manner in which Ziva does, however I totally understand her. I understand what it like to be fearful of something nonsensical. According to me the author has done a good job showing in crafting Ziva’s character.

Blade of Secrets By Tricia Levenseller (Bladesmith duology)
Blade of Secrets By Tricia Levenseller (Bladesmith duology)

Ziva is 18 and already famous for ability to make weapons with magic. At the point when a warlord visits, Ziva’s store an orders a sward that can kill many opponents at once, a broadsword more remarkable than some other and the guarantee of spot in the warlord’s realm to practice her sword building, Ziva agrees. Later, the sword uncovers to Ziva that the warlord wants to overturn the leaders of their country. Knowing this Ziva should settle on a choice. She concludes that she and sister should leave the place Ziva has a sense of security to keep the blade far from the warlord’s grip. Along the way, Ziva and her sister, Temera, recruit a mercenary and agree to allow a magic scholar to follow alongside them on their journey.

The characters where all around developed and are truly enjoyable to read about. The prime character, Ziva, has social anxiety and it was good to see her escaping her shell at points due to her protective nature towards her sister. I feel that more readers can actually correlate with Ziva as a result of her anxiety. She had an awesome character development and I think there will be more in the subsequent book. I additionally cherished her relationship with her younger sister.

There were some incredible side characters in this book that I additionally felt associated with. I had a little issue with Kellyn as some of the time I felt he was like Chaol from Throne of Glass. Additionally this book has an extremely powerful, extraordinary antagonist who is also female. I can hardly wait to know what she do in her upcoming novel and if there will be more malevolent characters. There is likewise a slow romance that I delighted in reading.

Blade of Secrets By Tricia Levenseller has a wonderful ending that was action packed, involved many conflicts and a cliffhanger. The ending just made me want to start the second novel as soon as possible. This novel did have some small short comings but overall it was an amazing read. I recommend Blade of Secrets to fans of Fable, Serpent & Dove and From Blood & Ash.

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