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Biography of Debbie Macomber | Life and Career

Biography of Debbie Macomber | Life and Career

Biography of Debbie Macomber | Life and Career

Biography of Debbie Macomber: American author Debbie Macomber was born on October 22, 1948. She is an author of contemporary women’s fiction and romance novels. Macomber also works as an executive producer on the adaptations of her books. Six of her books have become made for TV movies. Her Cedar Cove series was adapted into a TV series of the same name. She is a three-time winner of the B. Dalton Award. In 2005, she was the inaugural winner of the Quill Award for romance. She has been awarded both a lifetime achievement award by the Romance Writers of America and a RITA Award.

Personal Life

She is active in fundraising for battered women’s shelters and literacy and medical research and is a volunteer mentor for young people. In 1997, Macomber was appointed an ambassador for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America national office. She is also a national board member for Warm-Up America. Debbie Macomber and her husband Wayne raised four children. They live in Port Orchard, Washington.

Early Career

Debbie Macomber is dyslexic and only has a high school education. She was determined to become a writer so she sat on her kitchen counter in front of her rented typewriter while raising her four children, to write her first manuscript. After five years and several rejections from publishing houses, she turned to a freelance magazine job. She attended the conference of a romance writer where her manuscript was selected to be critiqued by a Harlequin editor. The editor tore the novel and asked Macomber to throw it away. Macomber spent $10 to mail the same novel, Heartsong to Silhouette Books, the rival publishing house of Harlequin. Silhouette bought the book and Macomber’s first novel was reviewed by Publishers Weekly.

Writing Career

Biography of Debbie Macomber | Life and Career
Biography of Debbie Macomber | Life and Career

Macomber’s first published novel Starlight was a part of the romance line of Silhouette Special Edition. She continued to write romance for Silhouette and then later for Harlequin. In 1988, Harlequin asked her to write a series of interconnected novels, the Navy series. She started releasing two or three titles per year. By the year 1994, she began releasing single-title novels. Since 1986, Macomber released a Christmas-themed novella or book. In 2002, she realized that she wants to write more women-centric books. Thursdays at Eight is her first contemporary women’s fiction.

Her novels concentrate on delivering the message of the story and they do not encompass detailed descriptive passages. The stories leave the readers with feelings of hope and expectations and her heroines tend to be more optimistic. Her novels take place in small and rural towns. Though her stories contain sensuality, however, due to her Christian beliefs she does not include sexual details in her novels. In 1988, This Matter of Marriage became a made-for-TV movie. Six of her works have been made into hallmarks television movies – Debbie Macomber’s Mrs. Miracle, Trading Christmas, A Mrs. Miracle Christmas, Call Me Mrs. Miracle, Mr. Miracle, and Dashing Through the Snow.

The Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber

Debbie Macomber’s The Shop on Blossom Street focuses on a Seattle yarn shop and knitting class that brings four women together to make baby blankets. The owner of the shop Lydia Hoffman and her three students, Jacqueline, Carol, and Alix produce not only blankets but also are creating a bond of friendship, solidarity, hope, love, and renewal. This book also includes the pattern for blankets created by Ann Norling, a premier knitting designer.

Silver Linings by Debbie Macomber

Biography of Debbie Macomber | Life and Career
Biography of Debbie Macomber | Life and Career

Silver Linings is set in Cedar Cove’s Rose Harbor Inn. Since the opening of the inn, Jo Marie Rose become close to her handyman, Mark Taylor. Jo and Mark are very good friends and becoming more than that. Yet, Mark is adamant about not sharing his past. He confuses Jo by telling him that he is moving out of town. Just when Jo Marie is beginning to open herself to love again, she feels that she is losing the only man she adores and cares about. And, as she discovers the reason behind Mark’s decision to leave, she welcomes two visitors who are seeking something themselves.

Kellie Crenshaw and Katie Gilroy are best friends. They have returned to Cedar Cove for their high school reunion, looking to confront old hurts and find a sense of closure. Kellie wants closure from the boy who abruptly broke her heart. Katie wishes to reconnect with James, her old boyfriend.

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