Anatomy: A Love Story by Dana Schwartz is a gothic historical fiction. This novel was totally incredible. It marked each box for me. I totally liked the characters and their history. And I likewise love the main character pushing for woman’s rights during a time when ladies were simply meant for marriage and child birth. I flew through this one as I wanted to know what occurred.

Hazel Sinnett’s ambition was to be a surgeon in 1817 Edinburgh, where lady surgeons were not quite normal. Wearing the clothing of a man, she goes to classes but before long discovered and kicked out. She makes an arrangement with the doctor, if she can pass the test, she can enroll and be his trainee..

Anatomy: A Love Story by Dana Schwartz is a Gothic Historical Fiction
Anatomy: A Love Story by Dana Schwartz is a Gothic Historical Fiction

A resurrection man “Jack Currer”, one who Hazel stumbles over many times and when she finds his abilities in obtaining bodies, she’s glad to pay him to recover some for her to practice on since she can never again go to classes.

With resurrected men disappearing, people kept on dying, Hazel and Jack should cooperate to survive and reveal secrets around them.

I really love the creativity on the cover, it’s awesome. Similarly, I liked this novel! I love Gothic feelings with strong willed courageous women who like to cut up bodies and clearly help people!

Hazel is in particular is fascinating person who loves to read and doesn’t fit in well with social society. She lean towards a book to socializing or practising as a doctor. Jack is additionally really intriguing, a helpless boy attempting to get by and have food to place in his mouth.

He and Hazel are attracted to one another when they begin working together. I totally loved that one scene in the graveyard! I truly do wish there had been somewhat more of the romance yet I loved it overall.

All in all, Anatomy: A Love Story by Dana Schwartz is a book about a revolutionary and bright heroine, “Hazel”. She goes off into a higher purpose than initially seen. I recommend it to fans of Young adults, gothic time periods, and historical fiction.

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