By – John Grisham

John Grisham, one of the most famous writers, first comes to notice in 1988 with “A Time to Kill”, a story set in small-town called Clanton, Mississippi, abound a ten-year-old black girl assaulted and killed by two whites.

A quarter-century later in 2013, John Grisham brings back Jake Brigance to his favorite spot, the anecdotal town of Clanton, Mississippi and its town hall in the second Jake Brigance tale, Sycamore Row.

Seven years after the arrival of Sycamore Row, John Grisham gets back with one more portion of Jake Brigance in A Time for Mercy which is totally hypnotizing and guarantees that we are yet to see the rear of this sharp attorney, who would prefer to live in dread than let the guiltless endure. The story happens five years after A Time to Kill and years after Sycamore Row.

John Grisham’s first novel, A Time to Kill, stays one of his best. That was about a man who, in 1985, murdered somebody yet justified in doing so. A Time for Mercy is about a man who, in 1990, killed somebody yet justified in doing so. Fortunately, that is essentially where the similarity ends, yet a story that welcomes the peruser to make up their own brain if it was an upright murder, is continually going to keep you turning the pages even after the story has finished.

It additionally welcomes the peruser to contemplate whether the survivor of the homicide merits such a retributory discipline for his wrong-doing and whether his executioner, in like manner, merits a definitive legal discipline for his wrong-doing.

For devotees of John Grisham’s lawful spine chiller and court dramatization, A Time for Mercy is another arresting and agreeable read loaded with interest, intrigue, tension, show, and unexpected developments in the ordinary Grisham-style. It is a novel which isn’t to be missed.