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7 things investors look for in an entrepreneur

7 Things Investors Look for in an Entrepreneur

7 things investors look for in an entrepreneur

Every start-up needs funding to build its business and reach the vision they seek for. Some entrepreneurs can fund their companies. However, in most cases, the founders need the help of investors. Knowing what the investors seek in an entrepreneur is essential. It will help you conduct yourself in the right manner. There are different kinds of investors but they are mostly looking for the same things. In this article, we are going to read about 7 things investors look for in an entrepreneur.

Business Knowledge

The first thing that an investor wants to witness is your business knowledge. Suppose, if you are seeking investment in the e-commerce industry, they would examine if you know this industry inside and out or not. The way to let them know about your knowledge and experience is to highlight the issues in the market and how your product is beneficial in that aspect. Stay updated regarding everyday issues and ups and downs to find a better plan. Lastly, try to anticipate the probable objections and criticisms. If you can foresee that, you can craft notable responses.

7 Things Investors Look for in an Entrepreneur
7 Things Investors Look for in an Entrepreneur


Investors look out for conviction in an entrepreneur. It is not something you can act or pretend. If you have the knowledge and solid plan for the future, the confidence will come naturally in your words. One of the significant aspects that can help them judge your confidence is how you react to certain decisions. If it is a decision you have to make swiftly or if your co-founders are not on board with your decision – these things will help them know how decisive and skilled you are as an entrepreneur.


Passion is a kind of word that can surpass a wide range of definitions. Investors are going to judge and analyze your passion, drive, and dedication to growing. As investors, they can judge and of course, the numbers are there to help them visualize the possible return. Ask yourself some questions such as if you have the confidence to face a challenge. Do you have the discipline and focus to push your limits? These things are essential to the investors and they examine this when you meet and communicate for an investment.

Team Members

7 Things Investors Look for in an Entrepreneur
7 Things Investors Look for in an Entrepreneur

The company team is significant to investors. They are curious about how you have created the team, their purpose, and your team-building skills in general. Every entrepreneur has their strengths and weaknesses and they must have a team based on that. For an investor, their priority is the return. However, they are keen on the execution of the company because, if the team is great then the investment risk is little to negligible.

Market Fit

If you try to learn about an investor’s mindset, you will learn that there are several things they are interested in. There are several business plans such as funding amount, product-market-fit, funding use, return timeline, team members, and more. However, all of the things they are seeking will not show up in a plan. So, you have to include a certain quality that will entice them to your company.

Funding Use

You must know and be capable of articulating how you are going to use the funding amount. Try to anticipate certain questions such as – if you need the fund for product development, acquiring customers, hiring new team members, and more. A detailed projection of the funding usage, sales volume, and return will impress the investors with your decision-making skills and business knowledge. It is all right if the fund is at loss during the early months of investment but you must project when the revenue will exceed the expenses.

7 Things an Investor Looks for in an Entrepreneur
7 Things Investors Look for in an Entrepreneur

Timeline Commitment

The time when your investors will see a return is very essential to them. You will need to create a monthly projection of your expense and return to depict the handsome return. Yes, the profitability depends highly on your business but most investors like to see the return within 2-3 years.

Remember that the investors are investing in you more than the company. They believe in your pitch and persona more than the product. If they realize that you have the potential for a good return, they will be more than glad to invest in your business. So, before you seek an investment learn about all these aspects and get them checked before presenting your company.

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