Like the short story by Leo Tolstoy ‘The Three Questions’, we often get stuck between making the right decision, at the right time, and the struggle between finding the priority, differentiating between wants and needs, how to make the right choice when it comes to business issues and more. Critical thinking does not only help you to get away with business and academic issues but it also helps you do better in your personal life. Here is a list of the 7 best books on critical thinking that will guide you in life.

Predictably Irrational – Dr. Dan Ariely

7 best books on critical thinking - Predictably Irrational
7 best books on critical thinking – Predictably Irrational

Combining daily experience with revolutionary research, Ariely elucidates how expectations, feelings, social norms, and other imperceptible, seemingly irrational forces slant our analyzing capabilities. Not only do we build astoundingly easy errors every day, but we create similar ‘types’ of mistakes. We time after time overpay, postpone and undervalue. We fall short to comprehend the thoughtful effects of our sentiments on what we wish for, and we value too highly what we already possess. Yet these mistaken behaviors are neither accidental nor absurd they are expected and hence, making us unreasonable.

Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman

Thinking, Fast and Slow
Thinking, Fast and Slow

Kahneman takes us on a revolutionary exploration of the brain and elaborates the two types of systems that force the way we think. System 1 is rapid, spontaneous, and emotional. System 2 is slower and more rational. He represents the unusual abilities, errors of fast thoughts and discloses the persistent authority of intuitive impressions on our beliefs and deeds. The impact of loss aversion and daring on corporate plans, the complexities of guessing what will make us content in the future, the tests of correctly surrounding risks at employment and home, the thoughtful effect of cognitive biases on all from playing the stock market to scheduling the next holiday – each of these can be comprehended solely by understanding how the two systems function jointly to form our conclusion and decisions.

The Decision Book – Mikael Krogerus

7 best books on critical thinking - The Decision Book
7 best books on critical thinking – The Decision Book

This book by Krogerus is about comprehending and processing decisions. These models are graphically illustrated. The book also provides a guide on how to comprehend yourself and others better, how to improve others and how to improve yourself better.

The Art of Thinking Clearly – Rolf Dobelli

The Art of Thinking Clearly
The Art of Thinking Clearly

Dobelli is here to help you sort through some of the tough decisions that you have to take in life. In case you are struggling to make decisions and regretting some of the decisions that you have taken just based on your instinct. Dobelli says if you could understand the action and spot where exactly you were wrong, you can avoid making further mistakes and make better choices, be it a private issue or business problem. It will also guide you about how to save money and work out your wants and needs.

The Demon-Haunted World – Carl Sagan

7 best books on critical thinking - The Demon-Haunted World
7 best books on critical thinking – The Demon-Haunted World

Shifting from astrophysics and astronomy Sagan chooses pseudoscience, theological teachings, and superstitions to let the readers know more about the universe and conventional notions. Sagan authoritatively debunks the past celebrated notions such as witchcraft, demons, UFOs, and faith healing. He argues that scientific idea is grave not only to the chase of truth but to the very well-being of our self-governing institutions. The methods are significant but the findings of it are cherry on top.

How to Think about Weird Things – Theodore Schick Jr.

How to Think about Weird Things
How to Think about Weird Things

This book is not only about critical thinking it also shares knowledge on logic, philosophy of science, metaphysics, anomalistic philosophy, cognition, perception, introduction to philosophy, introduction to psychology, and more. It could also be served as a book on pseudoscience, occult beliefs, philosophical insinuations of the paranormal, and more.

The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking – Edward Burger

7 best books on critical thinking - The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking
7 best books on critical thinking – The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking

This book offers real tales, strong methods, and actions that would allow one to attain profound thinking about any notion, ruin the strength of the power of failure to reach success, embrace uplifting realities, and more. It will empower you to strengthen you’re your goal and handle them intellectually and creatively. If you want to be potential and never lose hope this book by Burger is for you.

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