6 Ways to Be a Better Storyteller: Nowadays, it’s much simpler to share your story, even if you’re not a particularly strong writer or speaker. You might use ceramics or painting to express yourself. Or perhaps you enjoy writing and communicating with your community by sending them emails, Instagram captions, and blog entries. There are countless opportunities and a huge number of people who are eagerly awaiting your arrival on the globe. At the same time, it can frequently feel like the world is a noisy place where many people are vying for your attention but have little to offer in return.

Imagine if you simply carried on regardless of the difficulty. even if your initial efforts were terrible. Even though you were awful in the middle of it. Because if you persevere, you will become more skilled at what you do. Going the wrong way can occasionally be preferable to taking no action at all since at least you’re moving forward. At some point along the journey, you’ll probably change lanes or perform a u-turn because you discovered the road you were on was no longer the one you wanted to drive on. Coming back to the point, here I have mentioned 6 Ways to Be a Better Storyteller (which I have learned through experience).

6 Ways to Be a Better Storyteller
6 Ways to Be a Better Storyteller

Be Yourself and Speak with Your Voice

You have to be yourself because everyone else is already taken, as cliché as it may sound. Even while it’s simple to take someone else’s thoughts and turn them into cute little quote cards, those words don’t come from you. They don’t display your voice or personality. Although I agree that we can incorporate their statements in our work, when they make up 95% of it, it doesn’t convey who we are as people.

6 Ways to Be a Better Storyteller
6 Ways to Be a Better Storyteller

Even If It Terrifies You, Be Honest

Sharing your worries, feelings, and daily events might be frightening. And with good cause. Talking about the superficial issues and/or solely the positive events that occur is much simpler. All of us have encountered harshly critical individuals in our lives. If we are being honest with ourselves, we are often our harshest and most terrifying critics. We frequently punish ourselves for minor transgressions.

Talking about taboo topics typically requires guts. It’s simpler to discuss television shows, your wild night of inebriation, your job and coworkers, etc. But to delve further than that and to discuss matters that lie beyond the surface? That requires courage, but it will make you such a terrific storyteller. Consider Glennon Doyle Melton and her most recent publication, Love Warrior. I wholeheartedly advise reading it if you haven’t already. I started crying several times.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Completely Ready

Because we are complicated beings, we understand. Understandably, life is messy. We understand that you are not flawless because we are also human. We adore it when someone makes us feel as though we truly, truly know them. when they take down their barriers and reveal their true selves. Don’t wait around until you’re ready or until everything is ideal because if you do, the world will likely miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

6 Ways to Be a Better Storyteller
6 Ways to Be a Better Storyteller

Make Up and Accept Your Style

Have you ever noticed how some people put one-line subtitles while others post lengthy ones? It’s just my style, but I’m one of those people who post entire paragraphs. Since I want to speak to the choir, like Danielle LaPorte, I no longer aim to appeal to everyone. those who comprehend me and value my approach. Because, in reality, not everybody will adore you. Even if you are perfect (however that may be defined), there may still be individuals who don’t like you.

Why then would I devote all of my time and effort to those who would never like me? Why not devote my time, love, and affection to those who are currently supporting me? We spend so much time concentrating on the people who don’t like us that we fail to acknowledge and take care of the people who do. In the end, what matters is how you feel about yourself. If you keep showing up, your people will eventually find you—they always do.

Consider That They, Too, Are A Part of Your Story

Your group? those who come to support you? Don’t overlook them. Don’t forget to give back and express gratitude. Assure them of your genuineness while making them feel heard and valued. Ask how you may assist them, then pay attention. Please pay close attention. One of the best life skills you may have is the ability to listen. Making your tribe feel heard and understood by listening to them can go a long way. Let them know that your community has room for them. Consider how you would like to be treated, then treat others accordingly.

6 Ways to Be a Better Storyteller
6 Ways to Be a Better Storyteller

Strong Consistency

If I had to give you just one bit of advice, it would be this: Maintain consistency because it counts. Whom would you prefer to follow? Someone who frequented the location or someone who frequented the location daily? And the reason I’m telling you this is because I’ve been inconsistent so many times in my life, and even though people are tolerant about it, I think if I were more consistent and stopped giving up every four months, I would be further ahead in my journey and able to have a greater influence. You need to be tough and present when the going gets rough.

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