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6 New Year Resolutions For Book Lovers

6 New Year Resolutions For Book Lovers

6 new year resolutions for book lovers

The new year is right around the corner, and so is the season for new year resolutions. You might think that you don’t have enough grit to stick through a resolution for a whole year, but today’s blog might give you some motivation. These new year resolutions are not particularly difficult to follow, but they will add some colour into your reading journey. Perhaps, they might challenge you to do something differently. Here are 6 new year resolutions for book lovers.

Read more from all over the world

Most of us are exposed to British and American fiction and non-fiction. But some of the richest and most beautiful literature is to be found hidden away in the corners of bookstores, in the sections no one looks at. World literature is a prodigious genre, and one worth exploring. Not only does it give the reader a chance to travel while sitting in one place and acquaint him to vastly different lives in geographies other than his own, but also introduces him to different cultures. This is a source of the most profound anthropologic knowledge as well as a literary odyssey in its own right.

Explore more genres

Even the best of readers tend to stick to genres they like best. But let this be the year you venture out of your literary comfort zone, and give a second chance to all those forgotten genres. If you’ve never delved into poetry thinking you won’t ‘get’ it, loop up a collection of Barrett Browning or Rumi to initiate you into the genre. And if you read only serious literary fiction, thinking all other fiction to be a pale, worthless imitation, you might just be surprised by the captivating power of a mystery.

6 New Year Resolutions For Book Lovers
6 New Year Resolutions For Book Lovers

Gift more books

Reading is not just about the physical and mental act of deciphering a story and its immense layers. It also has a social aspect to it. Building a community of readers who can engage in conversations about books is a blessing oft ignored. So this year, you resolve to gift only books for birthdays. This will not only be a personal gift, because it shows thoughtfulness on your part in thinking about the person’s likes, but will also have your personal literary readership trademark on it. In addition, it will encourage non-readers to read, and make already-readers extremely happy. So it’s a win-win!

Keep your bookshelf clutter-free and organized

Now this is a truly difficult resolution for book lovers to maintain. But it’s also an important one – bookshelves are reflections of your personality. So this year vow to keep your books colour coded, or even arrange them according to genre. And without fail, remember to dust off the jackets of all hardcovers and front pages of all paperbacks lest they accumulate dust. Also remember to donate books you won’t read or exchange them in a free library, so that others can avail of reading opportunities and your bookshelf can be clutter free.

6 New Year Resolutions For Book Lovers
6 New Year Resolutions For Book Lovers

Write letters, postcards or emails to your favourite authors

This is not something readers usually think of. When they thoroughly enjoy a book, they bask in its awesomeness for a while, tell people about it eagerly, maybe even write a blog or book review about it. They might share it on Instagram, wordpress or twitter. But they don’t think of contacting the author. Authors meanwhile, really appreciate every sliver of validation they can get for their books. So this year, remember to write them postcards and letters if you want to go the old fashioned way. Else, tag them on your Instagram story at the very least!

Switch up reading corners!

Most of us readers have a cozy corner, replete with blankets, mugs and perhaps a hot cup of coffee where we like to read. But sometimes it’s nice to switch things up a little bit. You could touch up your reading corner and redecorate it. Maybe with a new quilt, or a new mug or even photographs of people or books. Or you could shift it to a newer location – maybe near a window, or near your bookshelf. You could also add a new mini shelf beside it to keep your favourite books. Or best of all, you could shift your reading spot outside – and resolve to read more in open spaces. On a bench perhaps, or in the balcony?

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