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5 qualities of a good leader

5 Qualities of a Good Leader

5 qualities of a good leader

A leader is someone who knows how to make decisions and can communicate and work with a group of people. The people that are under this leader should be able to trust this person wholly and blindly. They should be able to look up to the leader as an inspiration and someone that they can take motivation from. A leader is usually both, strict and firm while being approachable for people to come up to the leader with their problems, etc. These are just a few ones, here is a comprehensive list of 5 qualities of a good leader.


Any person, in order to do well in life, should have certain aims and goals in life. There are so many distractions in life that it is very easy to get lost. But it takes a very determined and firm person to stick through with their goals. A leader’s job is to ensure that others are not getting distracted and follow their goals. If the leader is certain about their goals and ambitions, they will be more available and clear-minded to lead a team. The book S.M.A.R.T. Goals Made Simple, by S.J. Scott is a great dive into how to set goals and the process of achieving them.

5 Qualities of a Good Leader
5 Qualities of a Good Leader


Confidence is a skill that should be in everyone should have. It helps you in communication and makes you seem more approachable. It is an even more important trait for a leader to have. They should be able to conduct themselves in front of a huge crowd without hesitating and be able to convey their message. People are usually more attracted to people who radiate confidence. If a person seems dull or does not speak well, people might not listen to what they have to say and completely dismiss them. If you are leading a team, your public speaking skills should be brushed up. This can be done by taking up a class, talking more to friends and family, or talking in front of a mirror. You can also watch videos of politicians and world leaders giving speeches and learn from them.

Knowledge and Curiosity

The ability to gain knowledge is given to almost all human beings but only a few people are able to, or only a few people choose to use that ability to their best potential. Curiosity is a gift and using it for the right things is a choice an individual has to make. There is so much knowledge to absorb from the world. There are also so many ways to do that. You can pick up a book and it can teach you so many things.

There are many authors that write books specifically on motivation, building personality, etc. You can watch shows and videos on YouTube and other platforms that teach you a lot of things for free or at a minimal fee. There are podcasts by successful and famous people where they discuss how they live their life, and how they have reached the success that they currently are at. A good leader is often trying to gather knowledge from all possible means.

5 Qualities of a Good Leader
5 Qualities of a Good Leader


It is easy to work alone as an individual towards a goal or to complete a task. But when a group of people joins in for the same goal or a task, it adds more to the list of things to do. While working with people, you are not only working towards and for the goal, but also talking to the people in the group, coordinating times with each other, and using each other’s strengths and weaknesses. As a leader, you will have to learn how to delegate tasks within the group. You should know each team member’s strengths, weaknesses, and talents, so you can assign them to work accordingly. This will make them work better and in a more efficient manner. Delegating tasks is also very important because it gives everyone an opportunity to work towards the goal and feel that they are a part of something.

Adapts to Changes Easily

If you are leading something, especially if it is a company or an organization, there are chances of things constantly hanging around you. This includes several things like the situations that are beyond your control, like the weather, climate issues, economic crisis, political tension, etc. All of this in a way affects your company. These changes do not usually have a warning, they happen unprompted. You just have to be prepared for any upcoming transition and have the ability to lead yourself and your team with it. Your team should have that amount of confidence and trust in you to trust your decisions. As a leader, one should be comfortable with making quick and good decisions, and adapt to the most difficult situations as well.

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