Women-led Startups: There is a long way to run to overcome the hurdles and reach the state of gender equality in entrepreneurship. However, women are nowhere behind in the start-up world. Despite remaining a minority demographic in the business world, there’s consistent growth every year. Moreover, studies have repeatedly shown that women-led startups are more financially solid in terms of investments. In this article, we are going to read about 7 successful women-led startups in 2022.

The Plastics Circle

The Plastics Circle - Trish Hyde (CEO) - 7 Successful Women-led Startups in 2022
Trish Hyde – The Plastics Circle (CEO) – 7 Successful Women-led Startups in 2022

The Plastics Circle was founded in 2018. It was planned by Gillian Hyde, Trish Hyde, Murray Hyde, and Ben Reay. It is a 2018 Sydney-based startup business that primarily operates in various regions in the continent of Asia. The idea came up from a discussion on the duality of plastic. On one hand, it is a versatile and durable material and on the other, it is a scourge of nature. It also has two SaaS products – PUMP and PlastX. This business aims to turn plastic into a part of the closed-loop economy rather than landfill fodder.

Mented Cosmetics

Mented Cosmetics
KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson – Mented Cosmetics (Founders)

Mented Cosmetic is based in New York, USA. The idea for this 2016 startup came from the head of two Harvard-met friends KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson. The thought came from an everyday issue for women of colour – the perfect shade of nude lipstick. Mented Cosmetics is a luxury beauty brand that promises the perfect shades of nude lipsticks for women of all colours.

Modern Fertility

Modern Fertility founders -  Carly Leahy and Afton Vechery - 7 Successful Women-led Startups in 2022
Carly Leahy and Afton VecheryModern Fertility founders – 7 Successful Women-led Startups in 2022

Modern Fertility was founded in 2017 by Carly Leahy and Afton Vechery. It is based in San Francisco, US. It seeks to change the fertility care sector from a reactive to a proactive process. The startup provides affordable hormonal tests that women can easily take at home to make well-informed decisions early in their life. The aim is not only to offer a cheap solution but also to empower women by providing knowledge and information regarding their reproductive system.


Anu Meena - Agrowave Founder
Anu Meena – Agrowave Founder

Agrowave is an AgriTech startup by Anu Meena. She is also the CEO of this AgriTech business. It was founded in Gurgaon, India. The motivation behind the commencement of this 2017 startup is also personal experience, to be more specific, the experience of Anu Meena’s grandfather. He was a farmer. His struggle and hard work to sell and produce is what caught Meena’s eyes and that is how we get Agrowave. The mission is to empower farmers and reduction of food waste. It is a farm2business mobility supply chain. It connects farmers and markets through mobile pickup stations. The farmers do not have to travel to find buyers. The mobile application takes care of the profit of both farmer and the buyer. So far, this venture has worked with more than 4,500 farmers.

Mrs. Wordsmith

Sofia Feinchell - Founder of Mrs Wordsmith - 7 Successful Women-led Startups in 2022
Sofia Feinchell – Founder of Mrs Wordsmith – 7 Successful Women-led Startups in 2022

Sofia Feinchell is the owner of this 2015-16 startup. It is an e-learning company based in London, United Kingdom. The illustrations of this site are created by artists behind one of the most loved animated films, Madagascar. The vocabulary that is taught to children is taken from creative storylines that ignite the imagination and make education a pleasing endeavour.

Maven Clinic

Katherine Ryder - Founder of Maven Clinic
Katherine Ryder – Founder of Maven Clinic

Maven Clinic is a New York, USA-based startup founded by Katherine Ryder in 2014. It is a revolutionizing healthcare startup. Maven Clinic is the first virtual clinic and the devotion goes to family and women’s health. It connects working women with doctors through its platform and offers them healthcare education. As the users have access to regular and dedicated medical care, they also receive proactive interventions that save them money in the long process by limiting the need for complex practices.

Save Your Wardrobe

Hasna Kourda - Founder of Save Your Wardrobe - 7 Successful Women-led Startups in 2022
Hasna Kourda – Founder of Save Your Wardrobe – 7 Successful Women-led Startups in 2022

Save Your Wardrobe is based in London, UK. It is founded by Hasna Kourda in 2017. We all get the feeling that our wardrobe is crammed up but we still have nothing to wear. We all seem to not understand the result of buying new clothes and chucking the old ones in a corner. About 85% of clothes are either burned or end up in landfills, not to mention the waste created while manufacturing just one regular shirt. This is the major problem that the fashion industry is yet to solve. And, a lot of these wastes end up in post-colonial developing countries, especially in Africa. Save Your Wardrobe is an application that with the use of AI will help people to categorize the clothes they own and come up with combinations. Users of this application can also donate their clothes and purchase upcycled fashion through the application.

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