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5 best audiobooks about siblings

5 Best Audiobooks About Siblings

Want to listen to an audiobook that is cozy and gives you a sense of being around family? Or, do you want to suggest to your sibling a good book because you miss them? Here is a list of the 5 best audiobooks about siblings, this list consists of names of audiobooks that are empathetic, heart-felt, and tragic.

Two Brothers – Ben Elton

5 Best Audiobooks About Siblings (Two Brothers)
5 Best Audiobooks About Siblings (Two Brothers)

This book by Ben Elton is a family tale set in the early 20th century of Germany. The story focuses on two brothers who grew up in a Jewish family, during the rise of Hitler and the completion of World War II. Two of them are born in Berlin in the year 1920 rose by the same parents. In the beginning, their origins are irrelevant but as the political scene alters they are enforced to make choices with sickening consequences.

Little Women – Louisa May Alcott

Little Women
5 Best Audiobooks About Siblings (Little Women)

This story of March sisters written by Louisa May Alcott has been loved and acknowledged by generations. Little Women provides a homely vibe along with compassion and unity. Jo March, one of the most loved women of almost all readers, and her sisters have presented the strength of unity in the family through the loss of loved ones. The sisters gave importance to their passion, love, relationships but their significant priority was always their family. This is certainly one of the best stories of sisterhood.

The Lowland – Jhumpa Lahiri

5 Best Audiobooks About Siblings (The Lowland)
5 Best Audiobooks About Siblings (The Lowland)

This book is quintessential Jhumpa Lahiri, empathetic, heart-felt, and family-oriented. It focuses on two brothers Subhash and Udayan. The story commences from Subhash’s early childhood memories, how both of them used to linger around the streets of Calcutta and how inseparable they were. But as the years pass, their lives take a drastic and turn. It happened when U.S. tanks entered Vietnam and India was flooded with riots. Impetuous and enigmatic Udayan finds himself leaning towards the Naxalite movement, a rebellion united to get rid of poverty. He will be so drawn towards the movement that he will risk his lately wedded pregnant wife, his parents, and his brother.

Sense and Sensibility – Jane Austen

Sense and Sensibility
5 Best Audiobooks About Siblings (Sense and Sensibility)

The inseparability and interdependency among the sense and sensibility, Elinor and Marianne provide a better depth to this renowned novel by Austen. Elinor’s character in this novel is reserved, people pleaser, quiet, and vigilant and these are the things that make her sensible in this book. On the other hand, Marianne is extrovert and self-engrossed – but what is fascinating is that later on how both of them will adapt to each other’s characters without losing their authentic individuality.

Dombey and Son – Charles Dickens

5 Best Audiobooks About Siblings (Dombey and Son)
5 Best Audiobooks About Siblings (Dombey and Son)

Dombey and Son by Dickens – the vague association between civic and secretive life lie in the spirit of this novel. Paul Dombey is a character who manages his household affairs as he runs his production in a callous, calculating, commercial and cold way. Through his dysfunctional connection with his two wives, his son, and his uncared for daughter Florence, the author portrays a vibrant depiction of the boundaries of a society conquered by marketable ideals and the drive for turnover and discovers the likelihood of ethical and emotional salvation through domestic love. The significant theme of the story is chauvinism and feminism but it also presents a sibling understanding between Paul Jr., and his sister Florence.

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