It is common for moments of amazement and inspiration to spark creative thought. When you least expect it, it enters stealthily, creeps up on its target and knocks on your door. No, it doesn’t care if you’re too busy to have the time to capture it by the tail or just too free to entertain it. A magnificent song or the lyrics to a perfect poem could suddenly appear while you are about to collapse on your bed after a long day of work, busy writing an important paper etc. Similar to a conceited queen who doesn’t care if the celebration is just getting started or is already finished, creativity emerges at its own rate and time. It comes and goes whenever it wants. Only when you pay attention to it will you be able to appreciate its beauty. But occasionally, when there is a need for some much-needed inspiration, it chooses to remain. Your creativity very neatly decides to remain hidden behind those closed mental doors, denying you those desperately needed inspiration and idea waves and when time is limited, you just cannot put up with its temper tantrums and stubbornness. Here are 15 ways to unlock creative genius.

Question everything

Never undervalue curiosity’s influence. Innovative people rarely accept preconceived ideas since they are constantly asking why and what. When in doubt, probe both yourself and other people. It’s possible that your creativity will put up a hand and speak up like a happy youngster who knows all the answers.

Daydream and doodle

You don’t have to maintain your focus at all times. Allow your mind to wander. Doodle, scribble, and draw completely random things. You never know when your subconscious will start connecting the pieces that you previously believed to be disparate scattering.

Forget perfect

The pursuit of perfection is frustrating because it is an illusion. Nothing is ever perfect, and things can always be done better. So lets go of the need to be perfect and just go with the flow.

15 Ways To Unlock Creative Genius
15 Ways To Unlock Creative Genius

Pick up the worst idea

Pick themes occasionally that make you think something innovative. You’ll master the skill of collaborating with everyone and anything. Every concept carries some element of risk, and occasionally it’s acceptable to move outside of your comfort zone and try out the seemingly risky.

Write it down

Note down your thoughts. Writing down every thought is usually preferable to having difficulties remembering it later. Keep a record of every thought you have, no matter how minor, whether it relates to the suit you are having tailored or how to decorate a chocolate cake. In conclusion, be free to express even the craziest thoughts.

Think like a genius

Do your best to be inspired by great artists. You don’t have to be incredibly intelligent; everyone interprets things differently. Who knows, perhaps your interpretation of a certain work of art which may have nothing to do with the subject matter of the work itself will lead you to the target.

15 Ways To Unlock Creative Genius
15 Ways To Unlock Creative Genius

Get moving

It won’t help if you sit in your office chair, look at the same wall, and wonder why you can’t think of an idea. Get up, move around, and perform whatever type of physical activity you like, including swimming or walking. Try something novel and intriguing outside.


Spend less time on the pointless and engrossing social media. For a few hours, turn off your laptops and mobile devices and do something completely unremarkable yet soothing. Take a shower, engage in some pet playtime, or drift off for a while. Allow your mind the necessary rest it needs.

Be silent

Being silent can be freeing. Locate a quiet area for yourself, such as your bedroom, the beach, or even the library, where you may relax and reflect. Anyone can be creative; all you need are the correct circumstances and stimuli.

15 Ways To Unlock Creative Genius
15 Ways To Unlock Creative Genius


All creations are built on the principles of visualization and imagination. The ability to think creatively is a skill that can be mastered, just like any other art form, with time and effort. Commitment is necessary in order to force your mind to think creatively.

Imagine distance

Take a step back and assess the situation at a distance. Take a detached and disinterested stance to generate more original responses. Examine the task from the viewpoint of a spectator. In the end, a third party’s judgement is unmatched.

Be a copycat

Take notes from the greats. Learn the ideas put forth by the brains that created the great things. Knowledge is the key for the solutions hidden behind locked doors.

15 Ways To Unlock Creative Genius
15 Ways To Unlock Creative Genius

Call a friend

New undertakings require both the appropriate support and a well-thought-out plan. Look for people who can offer neutral, constructive feedback and are more inclined to support your endeavours.


You won’t be able to reach the full extent of your creative potential if your attention is divided across several different endeavours. Concentrate on one assignment at a time and give it a thorough review. Give your full attention to the task at hand by focusing.

Look outside your industry

Anything and everything has the ability to inspire you. Don’t confine yourself to the things you find most appealing. Every kind of art has much to give, and there are many things to aspire to. Take a look around and you could discover your muse there.

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