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15 Most Useful Apps for College Students

15 Most Useful Apps for College Students

15 Most Useful Apps for College Students: College life is an integral part of an individual’s life. This phase can be termed as the most crucial point in one’s life. College students have a hectic schedule, especially in the current scenario where they are burdened with excess pressure and expectations. College students have a hectic schedule which includes countless projects, tasks and they also have to focus on their career & future plans. The little time left should be utilized in enjoying this phase of life (exploring new things).

Ideally, students should avoid excessive use of the internet (high screen time) and focus on their studies, career, and enjoy this phase of life with friends. However, in the internet age it’s impossible to stay away from the internet and reduce screen time. But the screen time wasted on social media platforms (watching useless content) can be utilized for a more productive means. There are some applications that can help students in studies and college life in general. These applications can ease out your hectic schedule and provide you with a better balance in life. We have compiled a list of 15 such applications that can enhance your productivity, time management and efficiency. So, do give a read and try these applications. 

Microsoft Office 

This is a must have application for students and professionals. Microsoft Office is the one stop solution for the essential work related stuff. This app can be considered one of the pioneers of doing productive and important work in an easy manner. The application is very versatile and efficient. From documents, presentations, sheets, drive you almost find all the necessary tool kits here. Office also seamlessly transitions from a device to another. It saves you from the headache of carrying your laptop everywhere with you. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Pdf reader Pro

Remember those good old days when Pdfs were a big headache. The whole process of converting the files for editing and stuff was so jarring. But in today’s time it is not an issue any more with apps like Pdf Reader Pro. It’s a great tool that enables you to go through your Pdfs seamlessly in the form of slideshows. Pdfs are very important when sending some important document or file (so that the quality and format is intact), this application also converts files into Pdf with ease. Pdf Reader Pro provides many important features like e signature input and online document filling. So, at the end we can say that this app is a must have tool in your arsenal.  

15 Most Useful Apps for College Students
15 Most Useful Apps for College Students

Duolingo: Learn English

It is said that learning more languages makes your mind sharper. Duolingo is a free language learning application. Here you can learn different languages. The app offers more than 30 languages. You can choose your preferred language and start learning any language of your choice. It’s an easy to use app with a great interface. This application teaches you the language in a fun and interactive way. 


Writing project, assignments is the most common part of college life. With the advent of social media and phones, writing skills have gone down drastically. As we have moved on to the short forms of words and phones are enabled with spell checks. This has made us more careless and with time this has developed into a habit. In day to day tasks the writing & typo errors don’t bother us that much. But when it comes to formal projects and assignments, we can’t let the poor grammar and typo errors flow through our writing pieces. And mind you speaking and writing English are two completely different things. Grammarly is very useful and efficient in detecting the grammatical errors. The app also provides a quick overview of your work, which helps in rectifying your errors. 


Pocket dictionaries have been the companion of students for ages. A dictionary is considered as an essential for any student or professional. However with time these dictionaries have been replaced by applications. And now having a dictionary app is a must. Merriam-Webster is a trusted name, one of the oldest out there. And has been empowering people with knowledge since 1828. So, do try this app to empower your sentences with stronger & better words and to develop an incredible vocabulary. 

15 Most Useful Apps for College Students
15 Most Useful Apps for College Students


Note Making can be a daunting task and managing it is even more difficult. But Notion makes things easy. The best part about the app is its versatility, from taking notes to managing projects, creating a calendar, writing a daily journal, planning travel are some of the stuff you can do with the help of this app. It can be used not only to organize your work, but pretty much for everything in your life.


Now if taking notes is an issue for you then use this app. At times we are too tired to take notes or to focus on lessons. Or sometimes there is too much info coming your way which is tough to handle. Then remember this app, Soundnot can make things very smooth and easy when you are attending any long lecture. It records (while you type on your iPad) whatever is being said around you and you can play the recording just with a tap on any word. No tension of missing key points during lectures. Anyways try not to fall asleep during lectures because your professor won’t like it.

Office Lens 

Office Lens is another useful tool. Diagrams at college are a headache especially for people who can hardly draw anything. By using this application you can solve this problem forever. You just need to hold your camera up to the board and take a picture, and the app will crop out everything around it. The best part of the app is that even if you take a picture from an angle, the app will align and edit the image to appear as though it’s directly in front of you. This app is also a great option for quick and good quality scans (of books or pages) at places like library.

Writer-Online Word Processor – Zoho 

This application can be handy if you are writing any research work or assignment for college. We know how long and lengthy assignments can go. And how brutal professors can get over silly mistakes. To avoid all the silly errors you can easily rely on this app. It is a great word processor tool which keeps your grammatical errors in check. It also provides suitable options and alternatives for words and the application is also good for sentence formation. Writer-Online Word Processor – Zoho is a great tool for writing flawless long pieces.

15 Most Useful Apps for College Students
15 Most Useful Apps for College Students

Simple mind 

Simple Mind is a bit different from the above mentioned applications. It is for organizing your thoughts, somewhat like a mind map. The app gives you an opportunity to customize your information in the form of mind maps. It also has many auto layouts which are great for brainstorming. It is not an application for everyone but for the people who are deep thinkers and creators.

Go Conqr

It  is a useful application for college education where students can create and share educational content. They also have access to a content library, user groups, and content creation tools. Where they can access a range of material types using this app. Go Conqr includes mind maps, quizzes, notes, slides and flowcharts.

15 Most Useful Apps for College Students
15 Most Useful Apps for College Students


Forest is an interesting application, it provides a unique way to stay focused at your work. In this app you need to plant a tree in the application whenever you start a study session. As you start working the tree starts growing but the moment you’ll pick up your phone and leave the app, the tree will die. The more you concentrate on your work, the more trees grow, and you can add the trees to your forest.


Any.do is a great app for time management and increasing your productivity. Here you can make a list of your to do tasks and even schedule & plan them. The application is beautifully designed and simple to use. The best thing about the app is that it comes with a widget to add your to-do list and tasks to your home screen, so there’s no need to scroll through all your apps to find ‘Any.do’.

Ur Safe

This is a free app available for both Android and iSO. The application is designed to be used when you’re on the way to home and don’t feel safe doing so. Ur safe has all kinds of features, like it allows your friends to follow you on a map (when you feel insecure). It also has a feature of sending an SOS signal to your contacts (designated one’s) or to emergency services when you press a button or say the key phrase. It also facilitates the option of sending live audio & videos to your emergency contacts. 

15 Most Useful Apps for College Students
15 Most Useful Apps for College Students

Sleep Cycle 

Rest is as important as work. And college students are known for sleepless nights. Be it for studies or partying. ‘Sleep Cycle’ keeps track of your sleep. The app tracks and avoids waking you up when you are in deep sleep. It keeps your sleep cycle in check and tries to provide a sound sleep. A good sleep cycle is very important for a healthy life and productivity. So, do take your naps seriously. 

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