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12 Pillars of Long Lasting Self-Confidence

12 Pillars of Long Lasting Self-Confidence

12 Pillars of Long Lasting Self-Confidence

12 Pillars of Long Lasting Self-Confidence: Self-Confidence is one the most important and key aspects in an individual’s journey of life. An under confident person will face issues at every point of life and it would be very difficult for the person to overcome the barriers in life’s journey. While a confident person will excel in any situation or phase of life. But unfortunately confidence is not a permanent trait like physical strength, intelligence or stamina. Even a person who’s considered confident can lose his/her confidence in certain situations. It’s almost impossible for any individual to possess a permanent and never ending stock of confidence. However, we can work and improve our confidence level. By working on a few aspects of our life and habits, anyone can boost their self-confidence. Just make sure to turn these things into a habit and convert it into a lifestyle. 


The first step towards establishing a long lasting self-confidence is self-awareness. If you aren’t aware about yourself how will you proceed in the journey of establishing a long lasting self confidence. Self-awareness isn’t a simple task; it requires a lot of focus and dedication. It is not an overnight process. But once you reach the point of self awareness, things like self-confidence will become a cakewalk for you. There are mostly two types of self-awareness.

  • Public self-awareness:

This awareness helps us to stand by the social norms and behaviour that are socially acceptable. Public self-awareness is mostly about how we can appear to others.

  • Private self-awareness:

It is about noticing internal feeling and reflect on the basis of that. People who have private self-awareness are believe to be more introspective. They know what they are feeling and why they are feeling.

12 Pillars of Long Lasting Self-Confidence
12 Pillars of Long Lasting Self-Confidence

Know Yourself

Knowing yourself better and understanding your personality is very essential for growing in life or for overcoming bad habits. Once you know and understand yourself better, inculcating any good habit or trait will become easy for you. Things like writing down about yourself, your worries, your problems, your strengths and then analyzing it over time will help in knowing your real self and personality.

Groom your Personality

Once you understand and know your personality, you should start grooming yourself. After knowing about your weakness and understanding about things you need to improve you need to start working on it. Improving or working on your personality or skills will make you a better individual. The grooming will also fill you with positivity and boost your self confidence.

Plan your long term and short term goals

When you are done with your grooming or are in the process of personality development you need to start planning. Planning is always better than sudden, unprepared action. Plan out about your long term and short term goals. Be careful while picking goals. Especially your short term goals, they should be realistic. And your objectives or short term goals should be aligned with your long term goals.


Many times we put our guards up and get too caught up in the process and make it a barrier or boundary for ourselves. Taking small breaks and relaxing is no wrong. In Fact it’s an aid and works like a boon when you are working on something with dedication or are in any pressure situation. Relaxation makes your mind calm and makes you feel better.

12 Pillars of Long Lasting Self-Confidence
12 Pillars of Long Lasting Self-Confidence

Be prepared

It’s said that precaution is better than cure. Same goes with preparation, you need to be proactive and prepared for the upcoming challenges or obstacles. If you’re prepared in your head that challenges and obstacles will come your way then you’ll be in a better position to tackle them. There is a popular saying that if you are failing to prepare then you are preparing to fail. So, always be prepared and ready for the known & unknown challenges.


From grooming to planning goals & objectives and being prepared, all this is fine. But the most important aspect is acting towards your goals or mission. If you don’t act, all the planning, preparation will be of use. Once you start acting you’ll feel the positive changes occurring in your personality and life.

Show Empathy

Empathy is very essential in life. Once an individual starts feeling empathically about others’ problems, a person grows. By understanding other pain and problems you will be able to connect with people and form bonds with them. As human beings we are social animals and can’t live without society, groups or people. These bonds are very beneficial in the long run and provides you a sense of positivity & boosts your self confidence too.

Work on Small Things

At times we directly jump into the ocean, barely knowing how to swim. The want of making it big is okay but without any process or preparation. Jumping into something that is out of your capabilities and skills (at that point of time) is foolishness. Eventually you’ll end up losing motivation for the work and will also hamper your self confidence. So, always start with small things.

Engage in Physical activities

Engaging in physical activities like exercise, sports or yoga can be very beneficial in boosting your confidence level. A fit body always adds to an individual’s energy level, happiness and self-esteem. Physical activities are also a great option for escapism. It provides you the required fitness and also freshens up your mind. It is generally seen that engaging in physical activities boost a person’s motivation and self confidence.

12 Pillars of Long Lasting Self-Confidence
12 Pillars of Long Lasting Self-Confidence

Fight your fears

It is important to fight your fears before they become your nightmare. Overcoming your fears is very important to grow in your life. It can drastically improve your personality and boost your confidence. Tackling your fears is an essential thing before moving ahead in life. As your fears can hunt you and even strike you down at the lowest or toughest point of your life.

Eliminate the Negativity

The last pillar for establishing long lasting self-confidence is eliminating the negativity around you. If you are surrounded by negativity inside (mind) or outside (society or world) you’ll most likely fail in the attempts of boosting self-confidence which is long lasting. Be it negative thoughts or negative people, try avoiding these factors. Once an individual is able to eliminate the negativity around himself/herself. The person becomes a lot more calmer, positive and a more confident person. In the long run your positivity will only help you in maintaining a long lasting self-belief and self-confidence.

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