Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a kind of personality disorder. People who have NPD have a magnified sense of self, have a profound need for too much admiration and attention, and have a deficiency of empathy for others. But in reality, they are void inside with fragile self-esteem and they are vulnerable to the smallest amount of criticism. This disorder causes problems in work, academic institutions, and relationships. They feel miserable when they do not receive the attention they believe they deserve. If you want to know, what is narcissism? In this article, we will read about books that will help you understand narcissism.

Why is it Always About You? – Sandy Hotchkiss

What is Narcissism? Books that will Help You Understand Narcissism - Why is it Always About You?
What is Narcissism? – Why is it Always About You?

Psychotherapist and clinical social worker Hotchkiss shows the reader how to deal with egotistical and controlling people who are not able to maintain the give and take method that keeps a healthy bond between people. This book will help the readers comprehend magical thinking, bad boundaries, envy, exploitation, arrogance, entitlement, parenting role, and how the roles are created by culture.

Will I Ever Be Good Enough? – Karyl McBride

Will I Ever Be Good Enough?
What is Narcissism? Books that will Help You Understand Narcissism – Will I Ever Be Good Enough?

This book is beneficial for daughters who are suffering because of their narcissistic mothers. Dr. McBride helps the readers to address the hugely spread effects of emotional abuse and build an individualized system for protection, resolution, and total revival. Narcissistic mothers teach their daughters that love can only be given when the daughters behave in a good manner. When these daughters grow up they suffer from several feelings and issues such as feelings of inadequacy, disappointment, emptiness, and abandonment issues. The fear of abandonment pushes them towards unhealthy social relationships.

Narcissistic Lovers – Cynthia Zayn, Kevin Dibble

What is Narcissism? Books that will Help You Understand Narcissism - Narcissistic Lovers
Books that will Help You Understand Narcissism – Narcissistic Lovers

In this book, Zayn and Dibble will help the readers to understand whether the self-loving people in the relationships are just in love with themselves or they have crossed the line and have a narcissistic personality disorder. The writers interviewed men and women having this disorder. It has real-life stories that will benefit the victims to understand the distress that the abusers brought and change their lives.

The New Science of Narcissism – W. Keith Campbell, Carolyn Crist

The New Science of Narcissism
What is Narcissism? – The New Science of Narcissism

Campbell discloses that not only does narcissism happen on a range but almost every human being demonstrates narcissistic tendencies in their daily lives. This book includes real-life stories that provide suggestions and tips for softening selfish actions in self and others. It includes answers to questions such as – Why minor tendencies of narcissism are ordinary in most people, how to recognize if your partner has NPD and how you can deal with it, the relationship between leadership and narcissistic behavior, and more.

Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare – Shahida Arabi

Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare
What is Narcissism? Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare

In this book, Shahida Arabi will help the survivors to learn – the red flags of NPD and behavior, the motives behind the abuse, how to resist manipulation, alternative processes to detach and heal, eleven significant steps survivors ought to follow during their healing period, how to create an empowering life after abuse, and more issues like these.

Rethinking Narcissism – Craig Malkin

Rethinking Narcissism
What is Narcissism? Books that will Help You Understand Narcissism – Rethinking Narcissism

The word ‘narcissism’ is used as abuse against people even after a slight offense. It has become so ever-present that it has lost its importance. The term is as bad as sexist or racist which is troubling news for people born after 1980 as they have been branded with the title the “most narcissistic generation ever.” Malkin deconstructs healthy-unhealthy narcissism and guides the readers on how to project healthy narcissism on ourselves and our relations.

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