Pixar Storytelling: It won’t be wrong if we say storytelling has transformed mankind and has been significant in the evolution of the human race. From our ancient scriptures, books, text, mythology everything has been accessible to us by only one mean that is story telling. Story telling has existed even before the invention of paper and the arrival of books, in the form of cave paintings which could be termed as one of the earliest forms of story telling. In ancient times story telling through songs and poems was used to spread and transfer information to different germinations.

However, here we are going to talk about modern storytelling, which roughly accounts for creative fields like writing and filmmaking. We are going to talk about 10 simple but out of the box Pixar storytelling techniques which can transform your storytelling skills.

Its important to put it on paper

The Pixar storytelling pointer mentions that it is important to put your ideas on paper. It means that we have a lot of ideas in our head, but we never put them on paper so it remains in our head and is never used. So jot-down your ideas or plans on paper whenever you have one.

NO work is wasted

It means that don’t worry about your unused or half-baked plans, ideas or characters. It may look like your work is wasted but it isn’t. Your story, character or idea will come into use, directly or indirectly at some point in your life and will add spark to your existing story or character.

10 Pixar Storytelling Pointers That Are Simple But Effective
10 Pixar Storytelling Pointers That Are Simple But Effective

One thing on which Pixar storytelling pointer really focuses on in its rules for copywriting is the habit of ‘keep trying’

The idea is simple but effective, keep trying. when we keep trying our characters become memorable even if the story isn’t a success but people appreciate and remember the character.

Giving your character an opinion

It’s essential for the character to have an opinion otherwise it won’t look organic and real, which is mostly disliked by the audiences. Its important for the character to have an opinion, which makes it organic and real. It also helps the audience to connect with the character.

‘Why telling the story’

It’s important for a storyteller to know why they are telling the story before presenting it to the audiences. It gives the creator a sense of clarity and confidence in their work. The process helps the creator in creating a long lasting impact on the audiences.

10 Pixar Storytelling Pointers That Are Simple But Effective
10 Pixar Storytelling Pointers That Are Simple But Effective

Its really important to know the essence of your story

By knowing the essence of the story, the creator can add layers and depth in the characters and storyline which enhances the storytelling in general. This can lead a story in becoming a master piece or a memorable story. Which will be remembered by the masses for ages.

Need to identify the characters and situation

It is important to identify the characters and situation for a storyteller. As it helps the writer in understanding the emotions a character will go through while facing certain situations which gives the characters an organic layout and makes them feel real. Only proper identification and understanding of characters and situations can help you in becoming a good writer or storyteller.

Regular practice and work can make your skill set do wonders for yourself

If you continuously work on an idea or story you’ll be surprised by the result. There will be a great difference between your 1st and 5th or 6th draft while writing. At the end of your journey as a writer you will be surprised.

10 Pixar Storytelling Pointers That Are Simple But Effective
10 Pixar Storytelling Pointers That Are Simple But Effective

Audiences choice is the 1st priority

The Pixar storytelling pointer adds a critical and valid point that you need to understand what is interesting to the writer may not be interesting to the audiences, both are different. As a storyteller you need to understand what the audience might like and work accordingly.

Learn to move on

Finally it is also important to understand that we cannot control everything in life, especially in creative fields like writing, filmmaking. At times we need to make peace with our failures in life and move on. We need to try and keep trying but with that at times need to move on to the next story with learnings and trying to do better next time.

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