Non-fiction has always been that part of literature where human history is profoundly discussed be it consequences of natural calamities, false myths, the science behind some stereotypes, women and their position in society, and more. Non-fiction covers so many aspects of literature and this year it will not be disappointing for the readers as well. In this article, we will read about the 10 most anticipated non-fiction books of 2022, and let me tell you each of them is worth it.

Lost & Found Kathryn Schulz (January 11, 2022)

10 Most Anticipated Non-Fiction Books of 2022 - Lost & Found
10 Most Anticipated Non-Fiction Books of 2022 – Lost & Found

Kathryn Schulz met the love of her life and the woman she will marry eighteen months before her father died. This memoir talks about how our lives alternate between loss and discovery, happiness and sadness, and how we dwell with it.

Heiresses – Laura Thompson (February 1, 2022)


Thompson talks about women with great fortune and discloses the harsh reality beneath the surface – how in the earlier times the woman’s property was her husband’s legacy, making her a target of forced marriage, abduction, or imprisonment in an asylum. Presently women with good fortune are the objective of fortune hunters. Through this book, Thompson presents some notable women and their unseen and unimaginable lives.

The Lonely Hunter – Aimee Lutkin (February 8, 2022)

10 Most Anticipated Non-Fiction Books of 2022 - The Lonely Hunter
10 Most Anticipated Non-Fiction Books of 2022 – The Lonely Hunter

Lutkin chose to write about a familiar and relatable notion to women – marriage. She explores the need of society and family to see a woman getting married or dating in general despite all the loneliness of adults and divorces everywhere, why is it a need for a woman to get hitched after a certain age?

Burning Questions – Margaret Atwood (March 1, 2022)

Burning Questions
Burning Questions

Atwood used her wit and humor and raises a few burning questions which do not leave any contemporary aspect from Trump to the pandemic. Questions regarding zombies and authoritarianism, how to survive on planet Earth, how much of the self are we capable of giving away without evaporating, why people, in every place of earth, and culture tell stories, and more.

In Defense of Witches – Mona Chollet (March 8, 2022)

10 Most Anticipated Non-Fiction Books of 2022 - In Defense of Witches
10 Most Anticipated Non-Fiction Books of 2022 – In Defense of Witches

Mona Chollet through this book is not talking about the history but she is directly accusing the misogyny that was and still affecting women of every age. Widows, childless women, elderly women, and women, in general, have always been a matter of accusation. It was never tough to blame a woman – if they can’t bear a child, it is a women’s fault, if the husband dies, she is a witch and an elderly woman has always been a subject of pity. Chollet has taken a frail yet strong and known yet unnoticed aspect of society as her theme.

The Emergency – Thomas Fisher (March 22, 2022)

The Emergency
The Emergency

Fisher offers his experience to the readers as an emergency room doctor who mostly had three minutes to check and care about each patient; and how terrifying each day was for him as his everyday sight of patients used to haunt him in his house. He talks about how a health care system and structure can reflect the reality of society. This book has some details on science, medicine, and some profound conversation between a doctor and the patients.

Left on Tenth – Delia Ephron (April 12, 2022)

10 Most Anticipated Non-Fiction Books of 2022 -Left on Tenth
10 Most Anticipated Non-Fiction Books of 2022 – Left on Tenth

Through Left on Tenth, Ephron will take us on a journey of laughter, distress, and tears. With the loss of her sister and husband, she decided to make a few changes in her life and completely alienated herself from the outside. Then he caught up with a long met fixed date and then she got diagnosed with Leukemia. Overall, this book is a roller coaster ride but a great example of how life goes on.

Paradise Falls – Keith O’Brien (April 12, 2022)

Paradise Falls
Paradise Falls

O’Brien presents the story and deed of Hooker Chemical and how Lois Gibbs and Luella Kenny stood up for the wrong and disclosed the secret of this chemical buried in their neighborhood. This company had secretively filled a canal with 20,000 tons of toxic chemical water during the 1940-the 50s and the consequence was largely visible among people. This book talks about how these women stood up and caused and the environmental movement.

Under the Skin – Linda Villarosa (June 14, 2022)

10 Most Anticipated Non-Fiction Books of 2022 - Under the Skin
10 Most Anticipated Non-Fiction Books of 2022 – Under the Skin

This book is another account after countless records of how black people are discriminated against and seen as ‘non-human’ just because of their color. Villarosa presents a sensitive issue but something people should know of – how the health care system also discriminates between colors and how white people are superior and gets different rather better treatment than the people of color.

Bi – Julia Shaw (June 28, 2022)

Bi – Julia Shaw
Bi – Julia Shaw

It is a fascinating read to know about sexuality and especially bisexuality, which is more common than homosexuality from a writer who is openly bisexual herself. She talks about the science of binary, how bisexuality is invisible even in this century, why people get defensive about their sexuality and more. She presents this book from her personal experience as well which makes it more relatable and astonishing to read.

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