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10 Marvel Villain Upgrades That Took Them To The Next Level

10 Marvel Villain Upgrades That Took Them To The Next Level

10 Marvel Villain Upgrades That Took Them To The Next Level

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought us some of the most iconic superheroes and villains of all time. While the heroes get most of the attention, the villains are equally important in shaping the story and driving the conflict. Over the years, we’ve seen some incredible upgrades to Marvel’s villains, taking them to the next level and making them even more formidable foes for our beloved heroes. From improved technology to enhanced abilities, these upgrades have made a huge impact on the Marvel Universe. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at 10 Marvel Villain Upgrades that took them to the next level and made them even more dangerous. Get ready to witness the power of these super villains!



Thanos definitely stands out for achieving the most kills in a single instance. This feat was made possible when he obtained the Infinity Gauntlet, which bestowed upon him the power of a deity by combining the six Infinity Gems. The addition of this unparalleled power transformed Thanos, who was already a formidable foe, into an unstoppable threat.

With the Infinity Gauntlet in his possession, Thanos easily overpowered every challenge thrown his way, vanquishing heroes of Earth as well as cosmic beings across the universe. It was only his own arrogance that ultimately led to his downfall, and it’s safe to say that the world is better off without Thanos wielding the Gauntlet. The mere thought of Thanos with the Gauntlet is enough to send shivers down the spine.

Doctor Doom 

10 Marvel Villain Upgrades That Took Them To The Next Level - Doctor Doom 
10 Marvel Villain Upgrades That Took Them To The Next Level – Doctor Doom 

With his remarkable intelligence, Doctor Doom has become a legendary figure in the Marvel Universe. He has a unique ability to master magic and create advanced armor, weapons, and technology that surpasses anyone else. During the Incursions event, when the Illuminati was destroying alternate Earths, Doom was busy pursuing god-like power. As the 616 and 1610 Earths collided, Doom emerged as the savior of all creation.

Transformed into the God Emperor Doom, this version of the Latverian ruler became the king of reality. Despite having a long history of villainous deeds, this iteration of Doom stands out as the most impressive. He achieved the impossible by conquering the entire universe, but he displayed unexpected altruism by doing everything in his power to save lives. Ultimately, he even relinquished his power to Reed Richards, acknowledging that his arch-nemesis would do a better job than he had.

Doctor Octopus

Doctor Octopus
Doctor Octopus

Doctor Octopus has undergone numerous changes throughout his extensive tenure in the Marvel Universe. However, his most notable upgrade occurred when he developed a body-switching machine, which allowed him to take over Spider-Man’s body and become the Superior Spider-Man. With Spider-Man’s powers at his disposal, he exhibited a more heroic version of himself.

Although he eventually relinquished the body, he was later resurrected but reverted to his original identity as Otto Octavius. When Hydra took control and Captain America was in charge, Doc Ock teamed up with them and regained his Spider-Man powers, this time becoming the Superior Octopus. As Doc Ock’s main weakness was always his lack of superhuman abilities, his Superior versions were undoubtedly his most significant upgrades.


10 Marvel Villain Upgrades That Took Them To The Next Level - Ultron
10 Marvel Villain Upgrades That Took Them To The Next Level – Ultron

Ultron is one of the most iconic villains in the Marvel Universe, particularly in the realm of evil robots. Not only does he have a deep-seated hatred for the Avengers, but he also harbors a desire to destroy all of humanity. Throughout his appearances in comics and movies, Ultron consistently upgrades himself, incorporating adamantium and other technologies to enhance his already formidable abilities.

However, the most significant upgrade Ultron ever received occurred when he joined the Phalanx, a techno-organic collective that roams the universe assimilating cultures that have advanced beyond a certain technological threshold. With the power of the Phalanx behind him, Ultron became a universe-altering force, nearly wiping out the Kree Empire before he was finally stopped.



Throughout the years, Wolverine and Sabretooth have engaged in some explosive battles, their long-standing enmity resulting in years of ferocious clashes. Despite Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton, he has found it challenging to defeat Sabretooth on several occasions. During one such instance when Wolverine was without his adamantium, Sabretooth appeared, offering him a challenge to fight.

In this particular faceoff, Sabretooth had undergone a significant upgrade, having been bestowed with an adamantium skeleton, augmented strength, and an accelerated healing factor. Consequently, he easily overpowered Wolverine. Though this iteration of Sabretooth was short-lived, it was undoubtedly the most potent version of the character. Later on, they were pitted against each other by Apocalypse, with the winner earning the title of Horseman of Death.

Kang The Conqueror

10 Marvel Villain Upgrades That Took Them To The Next Level - Kang The Conqueror
10 Marvel Villain Upgrades That Took Them To The Next Level – Kang The Conqueror

Kang, the time-traveling villain, has achieved numerous significant victories throughout his existence, but none as monumental as “The Kang Dynasty.” Under the guise of his Victor Timely persona, Kang successfully distributed his advanced technology across the 21st century, which enabled him to take command of a formidable army of Sentinels and enhance the capabilities of his sword-shaped Damocles Base. Kang’s success was so immense that he managed to force the surrender of Earth’s governments.

In terms of technical upgrades, Kang’s armor’s abilities remained mostly the same, and his enhancements were rather subtle. However, his technology was far more advanced than his previous versions, and the Damocles Base surpassed even his previous Chronopolis base. These upgrades may have been understated, but they undoubtedly bolstered Kang’s power and position in the Marvel Universe.



For years, the Sentinels have posed a grave threat to mutants, with multiple iterations cropping up over time. Each version boasts unique advantages and weapon systems that render them even more lethal to their targets. Yet, one variant reigns supreme as the ultimate Sentinel: the Nimrod units.

The Nimrods, perfect killing machines designed to eliminate mutants, are outfitted with cutting-edge weaponry and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. Typically, Nimrods hail from the future, but the Orchis Initiative has succeeded in constructing one in the present day that surpasses all prior versions. This new Nimrod is even more advanced and formidable, with the ability to simultaneously control multiple bodies. The Nimrods represent the pinnacle of Sentinel technology, and the stakes are raised significantly whenever they make an appearance.

Norman Osborn (Green Goblin)

10 Marvel Villain Upgrades That Took Them To The Next Level - Norman Osborn (Green Goblin)
10 Marvel Villain Upgrades That Took Them To The Next Level – Norman Osborn (Green Goblin)

Norman Osborn, famously known as the Green Goblin and Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis, has undergone several transformations over the years. However, his most significant upgrade occurred when he became the Iron Patriot. This happened after he killed the Skrull Queen Veranke, which granted him control over various aspects of the Superhero Initiative, the Avengers, StarkTech, and Iron Man’s entire legacy.

In his bid to reshape the Avengers to his twisted vision, he realized the need for a new persona. And thus emerged the Iron Patriot, a combination of Captain America and Iron Man. To create this new identity, Osborn took an older Iron Man suit, one with a hackable security system, painted it in the colors of the American flag, and ventured into the battlefield. The new armor endowed him with fresh abilities, making him a more menacing threat than ever before.



Over the years, the X-Men have encountered some villains who were overhyped and fell short of expectations, one such example being Onslaught. As a combination of the powers of Xavier and Magneto, Onslaught exhibited immense strength, easily overpowering Juggernaut, a formidable foe. This was a significant upgrade for a being that resided within the body of Charles Xavier, who was not known for his physical prowess.

Onslaught’s power levels exceeded all expectations, surpassing even Magneto and Xavier’s abilities. He accomplished incredible feats of strength, which were previously thought to be beyond their capabilities. Onslaught’s power further increased after draining energy from Franklin Richards and X-Man, before ultimately being defeated by a massive alliance of heroes.


10 Marvel Villain Upgrades That Took Them To The Next Level - Apocalypse
10 Marvel Villain Upgrades That Took Them To The Next Level – Apocalypse

The Age of Apocalypse stands out as one of the most memorable Marvel storylines of the 90s. In this alternate reality, Professor X was killed twenty years before the formation of the X-Men, leaving Apocalypse to gain control over a greater number of mutants and launch an early attack on the United States, ultimately conquering it. As a result, this version of Apocalypse emerged as the world’s most powerful being, commanding both an army of mutants and bioengineered soldiers.

Although it remains unclear exactly how much more powerful this incarnation of Apocalypse was compared to his 616 counterpart, it is evident that he possessed greater resources and sported an even more menacing appearance with an improved costume design. Despite ultimately losing the battle, this version of Apocalypse remains one of the coolest iterations of the character to date.

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