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10 Fascinating Alternate Versions of Wonder Woman

10 Fascinating Alternate Versions of Wonder Woman

Embark on a riveting journey through our “10 Fascinating Alternate Versions of Wonder Woman”! For eight decades, Wonder Woman, an iconic DC superhero, has left an indelible mark on numerous remarkable storylines. Her character has recently been revitalized, entrancing a new wave of admirers due to her magnificent representation in the latest DCEU movies. This renewed fascination echoes her enduring charm amid the dynamic realm of pop culture. Adding to her multifaceted appeal, DC has adeptly incorporated the multiverse concept, bringing forth a myriad of Wonder Woman iterations across varied realities. Each version spotlights different facets of her character, providing distinct insights and subtleties into the life of the legendary Amazonian princess.

Wonder Woman: Dead Earth

Wonder Woman: Dead Earth
Wonder Woman: Dead Earth

In the immersive tale of Wonder Woman: Dead Earth, the indomitable Diana awakens from an age-spanning slumber, only to find herself thrust into the desolation of a post-apocalyptic realm teeming with mutated creatures called the Haedra. Unfolding under the masterful pen of Daniel Warren Johnson, this DC Black Label series delves deep into the darkest future ever faced by the Amazonian warrior. Bereft of her fellow Justice League members who perished during her extended sleep, Diana embarks on a treacherous odyssey through the unforgiving wasteland. Haunted by the weight of her past actions, she relies not on supernatural powers, but instead on her unwavering skills and a borrowed arsenal from Batman’s iconic utility belt.

Wonderous Man – Earth-11

10 Fascinating Alternate Versions of Wonder Woman - Wonderous Man - Earth-11
10 Fascinating Alternate Versions of Wonder Woman – Wonderous Man – Earth-11

In the interesting alternate reality of Earth-11, the fabric of existence mirrors that of Earth-1 in most aspects, save for one profound distinction. Here, DC’s beloved heroes undergo a striking gender transformation, assuming new names that align with their altered identities. From the valiant Batwoman to the swift Lady Flash, these formidable champions possess identical powers, proving themselves even more adept in their abilities. Within this universe, the revered Themyscrian warrior, Diana, is replaced by Dane—a character who embodies a more ferocious and morally ambiguous incarnation of the iconic hero. Expelled from the esteemed ranks of the Justice League for his controversial viewpoints, Dane even orchestrates a formidable assault against his former comrades, only to be thwarted through the intervention of our Earth-1 heroes.

Blue Amazon

Blue Amazon
Blue Amazon

The Justice League embarks on a separate journey, drawing inspiration from classic German cinema. For the captivating tale of Wonder Woman, the timeless film “Blue Angel” provides a unique foundation, presenting a version of the hero unlike any seen before. Awaking in a state of profound amnesia, Diana finds herself unwittingly ensnared in a life of exotic dance, compelled to perform until a glimmer of hope appears in the form of Steve Trevorson’s impending rescue. However, it is during a fateful encounter with the formidable Cheetah that Diana’s dormant memories surge forth, reigniting the fiery essence of Wonder Woman within her very being. With recollection comes transformation, and she emerges once again as the stalwart defender of justice, ready to confront the forces that threaten the world.


10 Fascinating Alternate Versions of Wonder Woman - Superwoman
10 Fascinating Alternate Versions of Wonder Woman – Superwoman

Within the expansive tapestry of DC’s multiverse, Wonder Woman’s malevolent counterpart, Superwoman, looms as a notorious figure of nefarious repute. Hailing from Earth-3, this formidable Amazonian warrior instills dread within the Justice League’s ranks. As a prominent member of the infamous Crime Syndicate, Superwoman inhabits a universe where the traditional roles of heroes and villains have been dramatically reversed. Possessing the same extraordinary powers as her virtuous counterpart, she wields the indomitable Lasso of Submission to manipulate and control those unfortunate enough to cross her path. Through this chilling mastery, she cunningly exploits her adversaries, ceaselessly seeking an advantageous edge in her relentless pursuit of power.

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman
Flashpoint: Wonder Woman

The gripping narrative of Flashpoint, which served as the catalyst for DC’s acclaimed New 52 era, unravels a tale of temporal upheaval. Driven by anguish, The Flash dares to alter history, venturing back in time to save his mother from the clutches of Reverse-Flash. However, upon his return to the present, an unforeseen consequence emerges—the world he once knew has been irrevocably transformed. Among the jarring revisions lies the tragic demise of Bruce Wayne at the hands of Joe Chill, compelling Thomas Wayne to assume the mantle of Batman.

Another seismic shift manifests as Superman’s ship lands in Metropolis instead of Smallville, subjecting him to government capture instead of the loving upbringing of adoptive parents. Yet, perhaps one of the most striking alterations arises from the ruthless conflict engulfing the world—the relentless war between the Amazonians, led by the merciless Aquaman, and the Atlanteans, commanded by the narcissistic and unyielding Wonder Woman. Driven by a ruthless determination, she ceaselessly eliminates all who impede her path, even if it means courting global destruction.

Golden Age Wonder Woman

10 Fascinating Alternate Versions of Wonder Woman - Golden Age Wonder Woman
10 Fascinating Alternate Versions of Wonder Woman – Golden Age Wonder Woman

Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert’s celebrated limited series, Flashpoint, has not only captivated comic book fans but also found its way into the realms of animation within the DC Animated Universe. Moreover, this compelling storyline serves as the foundation for the upcoming solo Flash movie in the expansive DC Extended Universe. The tale unfolds with the Flash’s temporal meddling, inadvertently thrusting the world into the alternate reality of Flashpoint. Within this distorted timeline.

Wonder Woman assumes the formidable role of a commanding leader, spearheading a relentless army engaged in a cataclysmic war against the Atlanteans, spanning the European continent. In this iteration, the Amazonian warrior’s ferocity knows no bounds, as she remorselessly eliminates key figures, such as the Atlantian queen Mera, along with revered heroes like Steve Trevor and Billy Batson. Notably, this narrative arc holds particular significance, showcasing Wonder Woman’s darker and more complex nature, making it one of the standout comic issues of the 2010s.

Nazi Wonderwoman

Nazi Wonderwoman
Nazi Wonderwoman

Within the harrowing confines of the disturbing Elseworlds tale, “Whom Gods Destroy,” Wonder Woman emerges as a manifestation of evil, hauntingly embodied by a world where the Nazis emerged triumphant in World War II. This bleak reality casts a sinister shadow over our beloved heroes, including Wonder Woman herself, as they succumb to the corrupted influence of the Nazi regime. Betraying her Amazonian heritage, this version of Wonder Woman aligns herself with Adonis, who assumes the mantle of Hitler’s successor, and joins forces with her once-heroic comrades.

Yet, amid the chaos, Athena, the divine matriarch, intervenes by endowing Lois Lane with the formidable powers of the Amazons. Transformed into her own incarnation of Wonder Woman, Lois becomes a beacon of resistance, poised to confront the treacherous actions of her wayward daughter. The ensuing clash between the two versions of Wonder Woman delivers a visceral and climactic battle, pitting mother against daughter, as the forces of good and evil collide in a world ravaged by the horrors of Nazi rule.

Bombshell Wonder Woman

10 Fascinating Alternate Versions of Wonder Woman - Bombshell Wonder Woman
10 Fascinating Alternate Versions of Wonder Woman – Bombshell Wonder Woman

In the enthralling alternate universe of Bombshell Wonder Woman, an extraordinary incarnation of the iconic hero takes center stage. This bold reimagination presents Wonder Woman within the tumultuous backdrop of World War II. Clad in a striking amalgamation of vintage military attire and Amazonian warrior garb, she exudes a captivating blend of strength and resilience. With her distinctive Bombshell emblem proudly displayed, she becomes a symbol of hope and empowerment for those embroiled in the chaos of war. This iteration of Wonder Woman showcases a resolute determination, fearlessly leading her fellow Bombshells into battle against the forces of tyranny and oppression. Amidst the smoke and wreckage, she stands tall as a beacon of unwavering justice, championing the cause of the downtrodden and defending the innocent with unwavering resolve.

Red Son Wonderwoman

Red Son Wonderwoman
Red Son Wonderwoman

Within the captivating alternate reality of Red Son, Wonder Woman emerges as a pivotal figure with a strikingly different narrative. In this world, she is an integral part of the Soviet Union, aligning herself with Superman and the ideologies of communism. As an Amazonian warrior, she wields her formidable powers and unyielding determination in service of the Soviet cause. Red Son Wonder Woman stands as an embodiment of strength, resilience, and unwavering loyalty to her nation. Her unwavering commitment to the Soviet Union’s vision leads her to clash with opposing forces, including Batman, who represents a resistance movement against the regime. Despite their ideological differences, her indomitable spirit and unparalleled combat skills make her a force to be reckoned with.

Ororo Munroe

10 Fascinating Alternate Versions of Wonder Woman - Ororo Munroe
10 Fascinating Alternate Versions of Wonder Woman – Ororo Munroe

In the remarkable intercompany crossover of 1996, Marvel and DC united to birth a new breed of heroes, melding the qualities of both universes. Among these extraordinary amalgamations, Storm and Wonder Woman converge, resulting in a version of the hero that wields immense power. Blending the distinct traits of Diana and Storm, this incarnation stands as a testament to their shared personalities and formidable abilities. Ororo’s life took a fateful turn when she was saved from drowning by the Amazon Queen, who recognized her potential as an Amazon warrior.

Under their tutelage, Ororo honed her skills, only to unveil an even more awe-inspiring facet of her existence—the discovery of her elemental powers. With this newfound control over the forces of nature, she ascends to unparalleled heights, becoming an indomitable force to be reckoned with. The fusion of Diana’s Amazonian prowess and Storm’s elemental might forms the bedrock of this awe-inspiring rendition, embodying a potent amalgamation of strength, grace, and the boundless potential found at the intersection of two extraordinary worlds.

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