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10 DC Character With Most Variants

10 DC Character With Most Variants

DC Comics, a myriad of alternate realities and timelines have given rise to a stunning array of diverse and intriguing versions of our favorite heroes and villains. From different Earths to alternate dimensions, these characters have captivated readers with their unique interpretations. In this list, we delve into the top 10 DC Character With Most Variants, showcasing their remarkable adaptability across the multiverse. From the iconic Dark Knight, Batman, to the powerful Amazonian princess, Wonder Woman, and the lightning-fast speedster, The Flash, these characters have been reimagined in countless ways, each iteration adding a fresh and captivating twist to their familiar personas.



First on our list is Superman, the Man of Steel. Superman is one of the most iconic and enduring characters in comic books, resulting in countless variations across DC’s multiverse. His alternates range from the communist “Red Son,” who landed in the Soviet Union instead of Kansas, to the morally inverted Ultraman from the Crime Syndicate. The “Injustice” series presents a Superman turned dictator after a personal tragedy. These varied portrayals serve to highlight the character’s idealism and moral strength by showing what he could become under different circumstances. Each iteration of Superman is a lens through which we examine the original’s values and character.


10 DC Character With Most Variants - Batman
10 DC Character With Most Variants – Batman

Second on the list is Batman, the Dark Knight of Gotham. Batman’s various interpretations span from the supernatural, as seen in “Batman & Dracula: Red Rain” where he becomes a vampire, to the cosmic, as in “Batman: In Darkest Knight” where he wields a Green Lantern ring. The iconic “Flashpoint” storyline presents a Batman driven by revenge, not justice. There’s even an unhinged version known as “The Batman Who Laughs,” a hybrid of Batman and the Joker. These alternate Batmen challenge the core principles of the original, emphasizing the impact of his code against killing and his commitment to justice.



The Bat’s sidekick, Robin, closely follows Batman on our list. The title of Robin has been assumed by several characters in DC history, including Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, and Damian Wayne, each bringing a unique flavor to the role. Variations of Robin exist across the multiverse, each with different life experiences and sometimes differing motivations. For instance, in “Flashpoint,” Dick Grayson never becomes Robin but is instead a circus performer. In another universe, Tim Drake becomes Batman himself. These variants underscore the resilience of the Robin legacy, irrespective of the mantle bearer.

Wonder Woman

10 DC Character With Most Variants - Wonder Woman
10 DC Character With Most Variants – Wonder Woman

Next on our list is Wonder Woman, the Amazonian Princess. Her alternate versions often highlight the essence of her character – a warrior for peace. From the Earth-Two Golden Age Wonder Woman, to the Flashpoint timeline’s Wonder Woman who’s engaged in a war with Aquaman, to Nubia, the Wonder Woman of an alternate universe, each variant reflects a different facet of her character. In “Kingdom Come,” she’s a more hardened, battle-ready princess, while “Red Son” presents her as a tragic figure unable to secure peace. These alternates allow us to explore her resolve, her commitment to her ideals, and the lengths she will go to for peace.



Multiple characters have donned this mantle, including Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, and Wally West, each having their own unique variations across different timelines and universes. The “Flashpoint” storyline features a more pessimistic Barry Allen, unable to tap into the Speed Force, while the gender-swapped “Justice Guild’s” version is a woman named Blitz. Another memorable alternate is the Black Flash, a grim reaper for speedsters. These variations not only show the vast potential of the Speed Force but also how different individuals bear the weight of super-speed.

Green Lantern

10 DC Character With Most Variants - Green Lantern
10 DC Character With Most Variants – Green Lantern

Given the nature of the Green Lantern Corps spanning the universe, there are a multitude of Green Lanterns, including Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and more, each from different realities. In the “Injustice” series, Hal Jordan becomes a Yellow Lantern, succumbing to fear. The “Darkest Knight” story presents a Batman version of Green Lantern. There’s even a reality where the Earth is without a Green Lantern, leading to disastrous consequences. These iterations explore the potential of the Power Ring and the emotional spectrum, questioning the line between fear and willpower.



The cousin of Superman “Supergirl” also deserves a spot on our list. She has numerous iterations across different universes. These range from Matrix, a shape-shifting bio-engineered creature, to Linda Danvers, who was fused with Matrix, to the “true” Supergirl, Kara Zor-El. There’s also Cir-El, a possible future daughter of Superman, and the Crime Syndicate’s version, the evil Superwoman. Each version explores the same underlying theme of a young woman dealing with incredible power and trying to find her place in the world, highlighting her strength, heroism, and the struggles she experiences in her journey.


10 DC Character With Most Variants - Joker
10 DC Character With Most Variants – Joker

Now let’s welcome Batman’s most notorious adversary “The Joker”. He has countless alternate versions that highlight his chaos and madness. There’s the terrifying Batman/Joker hybrid, “The Batman Who Laughs,” who embodies the worst of both characters. “Gotham by Gaslight” presents him as Jack the Ripper, while in the “Emperor Joker” storyline, he gains reality-altering powers, causing universal chaos. Each alternate version of the Joker serves to underscore the character’s unpredictable nature and the depths of his madness, often offering a stark contrast to Batman’s order and sanity.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn

Quinn, originally the Joker’s sidekick but a standout character in her own right. Harley has numerous iterations across different universes. There’s the older, wiser “Old Lady Harley,” the “Bombshells” universe Harley who fights in World War II, and even a Harley who’s a member of the Green Lantern Corps in “Blackest Night.” Each version takes the core of her character – her unpredictability, her toughness, and her complicated relationship with morality – and spins it in a new direction, showing just how versatile and compelling Harley Quinn can be.


10 DC Character With Most Variants - Catwoman
10 DC Character With Most Variants – Catwoman

Tenth on our list is Catwoman, the infamous cat burglar and occasional love interest of Batman. Catwoman’s variations show her many facets. From the morally gray anti-hero in “Batman: Year One,” to the alternate universe “Kingdom Come” where she’s a businesswoman and not a thief, to the “Flashpoint” universe’s ruthless pirate, each version presents a new twist on her character. There’s even a Catwoman who is a metahuman with actual cat-like abilities. Each iteration underscores her dual nature as both a criminal and a hero, often caught in a struggle between her self-interest and her love for Batman.

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