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10 Best Literary Magazines to Sign Up For

10 Best Literary Magazines to Sign Up For

Being an active part of the literary scene doesn’t include just reading books. It means engaging with literary content across forms and genres, and opening yourself to seasoned as well as new writers. Here is a list of 10 best literary magazines across the globe and in India, to up your literary game.

London Review of Books

This bi-monthly magazine from England is perhaps Europe’s most prestigious literary magazine. It has featured some of the leading writers of the global literary scene, ranging from Peter Burke and Colm Toiblin to Amit Chaudhuri and Mark Ford. With an excellent collection of literary non-fiction, this magazine is one to watch out for.

Asymptote Journal

This journal is dedicated to translations and world fiction, and hence features a truly eclectic and broad selection of pieces. The best part about their mission is that they hone hidden talent from all over the world, and feature newer writers who have untapped potential. Thus, you wont be restricted to just the known names in the literary industry.

The Bombay Review

This magazine is perhaps the biggest literary magazine in India and while they publish print issues, they also have online issues. Some great writers have written for them, and in addition to fiction, poetry and essays, they publish writer’s resources as well. They hold workshops for upcoming writers too.

10 Best Literary Magazines to Sign Up For
10 Best Literary Magazines to Sign Up For

Los Angeles Review of Books

Not only is LA ‘the place’ for creative people across the world, but also it is home to one of the biggest literary magazines in America. It is dedicated to ‘promoting and disseminating rigorous, inclusive, and engaging writing on every aspect of literature, culture and the arts’. It’s a credible magazine which features names like Sean Hooks and Michael Tate. W

Atlantic Online

Although this is a magazine about culture and journalism in general, the literary aspect of it is so strong that it had to be on this list. Writers like Ocean Vuong have written for it, and the literary quality of its writings is unmatchable. This magazine also dedicates itself to diversity, so there will be many strong marginalized voices in their issues.

Indian Literature

Published bi-monthly by the largest literary body of India, Sahitya Akademi, has to be on your list. Almost all known literary names in India have featured in their journal at least once, and their credibility is high. They publish fiction, non-fiction, critical articles and papers, as well as literature in translation. They welcome new writers too.

Electric Literature

With a ginormous mission to ‘amplify the power of storytelling with digital innovation’, Electric Lit provides the best literary content to readers online and free of cost. Yet, this is very credible content from new and upcoming writers. They also have a recommended reading section, which gives a bunch of advice and reading lists.

10 Best Literary Magazines to Sign Up For
10 Best Literary Magazines to Sign Up For


With over forty years of publishing top notch literary content, Granta’s editorial team knows what it’s doing. In a true literary legacy, they include literary fiction, memoirs, personal essays and creative non-fiction. Their previous issues include John Burger and Marquez, and some of their present writers are Mark O’Connell and Sayaka Murata.

New Yorker

This literary magazine really needs to introduction. One of the finest of its kind, it publishes the best of all literature. It is a weekly magazine, featuring poetry, essays, journalism and reportage, satire and a whole lot of cartoons. This magazine strikes a fine balance between true literature and entertainment, making it an insightful and humorous read.

Paris Review

With an impressive repertoire of articles featuring just about everyone from Murakami and Simone de Beauvoir to Rachel Cusk and Arundhati Roy. With extremely insightful interviews with brilliant questions and carefully curated literature, this is a must-subscribe for all literature lovers out there. Plus, their Instagram page features some of the best quotes ever.

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