Bookshelves look beautiful and liven up spaces while also holding treasures of knowledge and learning within them. But there is no denying that they demand scrupulous attention and care. If you’re looking for some bookshelf cleaning motivation, this is the perfect article for you – because here we’re talking about why you should organize bookshelves every once a while.

Gives reading motivation

There really is no reading motivation like a clean and crisp bookshelf. You can spot whatever you want to read easily, and even the process of cleaning and clearing helps. When you go through every single book you own to organize the bookshelf, you may end up remembering old favourites as well as new and exciting books you want to read.

Makes Bookshelves look aesthetically pleasing

You can’t argue otherwise – one major reason to organize bookshelves is to make them look aesthetically pleasing. Especially if you arrange books by colour, or even author (most publishing houses use standard designs for all books by the same author), it looks cute. Plus, dusting bookshelves and books makes them look newer.

Why You Should Organize Bookshelves Every Once A While
Why You Should Organize Bookshelves Every Once A While (Image 1)

Enables finding books with ease

One of the most important reasons to organize bookshelves is purely functional – it helps you find books with greater ease. If you organize books by genre or author frequently, you know exactly where a particular book lies. And specially if you own lots and lots of books, cleaning up the space once a while is a great way to ensure you know where everything is.

Makes your space uncluttered and clean

Here I’m talking about both mental and physical space. When your reading space, bookshelves and writing spaces are full of clutter, it becomes harder to focus and be productive. Being around a clean space, on the contrary, always boosts productivity. Basically, a clean and organized physical space leads to a clean and organized mental space.

Organization is a self-care activity

So basically, organizing your books can have important implications on your mental health too. You may think of this as far fetched, but after all, cleaning and organizing is a kind of meditation. Plus, when it involves books, it sucks you into the wondrous whirlwind world of literature and words. It’s sure to uplift you!

Why You Should Organize Bookshelves Every Once A While (Image 2)
Why You Should Organize Bookshelves Every Once A While (Image 2)

Your clean bookshelves are conducive to boasting!

Of course, it’s easier to show off a clean bookshelf than a rickety, unclean one. Imagine how many other people you can motivate, or just bring awe to, if you sort your books out, dust them and keep them clean. A good bookshelf is eye-catching and spices up interior spaces instantly. So it’s way more conducive to boasting!

You can switch it up once a while to change the look

The great thing about organization is that you can change it up whenever you want. If you’ve spent all your life colour coding books, you can try out organizing by volumes. Or publishing companies, or author names, or genres. You could even try to arrange everything alphabetically by the name of the book, or the author. It can be super fun and calming.

Keeps your books clean and prevents ageing

Another functional reason to organize books is that it increases the shelf life or lifespan of your books. Cleaning them and dusting them regularly, ensuring they don’t develop stains or become wet is important. If not cleaned regularly, books can develop fungal and bacterial discharges as well as become yellowed and frayed.

Why You Should Organize Bookshelves Every Once A While (Image 3)
Why You Should Organize Bookshelves Every Once A While (Image 3)

Helps someone in need

When you go through your bookshelves, you also inadvertently go through all your books. This allows you to know exactly what you have read, what you plan on reading and what you don’t think you’ll read. This also allows you to donate books and help someone in read. If you don’t go through your bookshelves and organize them, this won’t happen.

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