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What Type of Learner Are You?

What Type of Learner Are You?

As we all experience the world differently, the way of learning each of us is diverse. Comprehending how we learn things would help the teachers to understand their students and they don’t have to see any students lagging. Every kid doesn’t come first in the class. It is not because they have a smaller brain size. It is because their brain would acknowledge a different procedure of learning. In this article we are going to discuss the 4 types of learning styles so that you can understand – what type of learner are you?

Visual Learner

The first category of learners is visual learners. These are the ones who comprehend better with the help of maps, pictures, charts, or diagrams. Visual learners are the ones who tend to make a lot of lists, and charts, copy notes, use a lot of stationary, and more. What would help these kinds of learners is to teach them in their way. The teachers or educators should utilize whiteboards, draw out their lesson, make a chart, and they should often ask the students to draw a diagram on the board. This type of learner would love to be a part of a group project where a presentation or PowerPoint is involved.

What Type of Learner Are You? - Visual Learner
What Type of Learner Are You? – Visual Learner

Auditory Learner

The second category of learners is auditory learners. They tend to learn better when the topic is reinforced by sound. They would rather prefer to listen to an hour-long YouTube lecture than read the class notes. This type of student tends to read out loud. If they hear what they are saying they can understand the topic. They are very less likely to feel scared about speaking up in class. They are good at verbally explaining a topic or answer rather than writing in the paper. Additionally, these learners could be slow readers and they often repeat what their teacher tells them. The only way to deal with these students is just to ask them questions or ask them to make you understand the topic.

Read-Write Learner

The third category of learners is the read-write learners. According to the 1992 VARK Modalities Theory developed by Fleming and Mills read-write learners prefer to understand through written words. This type of writer tends to be a diary writer, they read books, search up words from the dictionary, and look up the internet for just about everything. This category is the easiest to deal with since our conventional educational system is very much centred on writing essays, reading books, and doing more research about the topic. Make sure as an educator you give them ample time and opportunity for the research.

What Type of Learner Are You? - Read-Write Learner
What Type of Learner Are You? – Read-Write Learner

Kinesthetic Learner

The fourth category of learners is the kinesthetic learner. They are often referred to as tactile learners. They learn through doing or experiencing things. Kinesthetic Learners prefer to get embroiled by acting out events or by doing certain things to understand the concepts. They might struggle to sit still and mostly good in sports, dance, and things that engage in acting out expressions. They perhaps have to take a good amount of breaks while studying. The way the teachers could help them is by giving them tasks that involve the need for expression. Such as, if you are reading a play, ask students to act it out, in this way they would understand better and learn faster.

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