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What Marvel Comics Get Right That DC Comics Don't

What Marvel Comics Get Right That DC Comics Don’t

Marvel Comics and DC Comics are two of the biggest names in the world of comic books, each with their own unique approach and style. While both have achieved significant success and have their own loyal fan bases, there are certain aspects where Marvel often gets the edge over DC. Here is list of What Marvel Comics Get Right That DC Comics Don’t.

Character Relatability and Diversity

What Marvel Comics Get Right That DC Comics Don't
What Marvel Comics Get Right That DC Comics Don’t

Marvel Comics is great at making superheroes who feel like real people. They have characters like Spider-Man and Iron Man who have normal problems just like us, which makes them easy to relate to. Marvel is also good at including all kinds of different characters.

For example, they have Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), who is a Muslim superhero, and Miles Morales, a Spider-Man who is both Black and Hispanic. This shows that Marvel wants everyone to see themselves in their stories. They make sure their comics are not just fun to read but also show how different and special everyone is. This makes Marvel’s comics interesting for lots of people, because they can find characters who look or feel like them.

Storytelling and Universe Consistency

Marvel is really good at making sure their superhero stories all fit together nicely. They have a big universe where all their characters, like those in “The Avengers,” live and have adventures that connect with each other. This makes everything feel like it’s part of one big story, which is really cool and keeps readers interested. Marvel keeps their storylines straight, so it’s easy to follow what’s happening.

On the other hand, DC Comics, which has superheroes like Batman and Superman, sometimes restarts its stories in new ways. This can make it hard for readers to keep up because things keep changing. Marvel’s way of doing things helps fans feel like they’re part of a big, exciting world where all their favorite superheroes live and work together. This makes reading Marvel comics a fun and smooth experience for fans.

Tone and Approach to Villains

What Marvel Comics Get Right That DC Comics Don't
What Marvel Comics Get Right That DC Comics Don’t

Marvel comics are known for being fun and not too serious. They often use jokes and keep things light, which makes their stories enjoyable for lots of different people. When it comes to bad guys, like Thanos and Loki, Marvel does something special. They don’t just make them evil; they give them interesting backgrounds and reasons for what they do.

This makes these villains more like real people with their own stories, not just characters who are bad for no reason. This way of showing villains is really cool because it makes the stories more interesting. You get to see why the bad guys do what they do, and sometimes, you might even feel a bit sorry for them. This adds depth to the stories, making them more than just good guys fighting bad guys. It’s like getting to know all sides of the story, which makes reading Marvel comics a richer experience.

Integration with Cinematic Universe and Adaptability

Marvel has done a great job of linking its comic books with its movies, known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The movies often follow the stories from the comics, making one big, connected story that goes across both movies and comic books. This connection has been really successful and has even brought new fans to read their comics. What’s also cool about Marvel is how they keep changing and updating their characters and stories to match what’s happening in the world today.

This makes their comics and movies feel current and interesting. They don’t just stick to old stories; they make sure their characters grow and change with the times. This keeps Marvel’s stories feeling new and exciting, and it means there’s always something fresh for fans to enjoy, whether they’re reading the comics or watching the movies.

Accessibility and Marketing Strategy

What Marvel Comics Get Right That DC Comics Don't
What Marvel Comics Get Right That DC Comics Don’t

Marvel is really good at making it easy for new people to start reading their comics. They do this by creating stories that don’t need you to know everything that happened before. So, even if you haven’t read Marvel comics for years, you can still enjoy the new ones. They also have a really smart way of showing off their brand. When you see something from Marvel, you can quickly tell it’s theirs because of their unique style and logo.

This helps people recognize Marvel stuff easily, whether it’s comics, movies, or other merchandise. Because Marvel makes their comics simple to get into and has a cool and clear way of presenting themselves, lots of different kinds of people find Marvel interesting and fun. This has helped Marvel become even more popular and stay important in the world of comic books. They know how to attract new fans while keeping the old ones happy.

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