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Want to Audit Your Reading Life? Read to Know How?

Want to Audit Your Reading Life? Read to Know How?

Want to Audit Your Reading Life? Read to Know How?

You may have heard of audits being talked about in financial terms – they are official inspections of a company’s accounts of debit and credit. Today we have bought you ways if you want to audit your reading life. People think of these to be very boring tasks, full of mind-numbing numbers and baffling calculations. Although this may be true, auditing is a very important process. Auditing allows for detection of errors obviously, and it also gives an overview of the direction in which the company is heading. Plus, auditing allows companies to reflect on their activities and plan the future accordingly.

This can be generalized even to our life and reading list. Keeping track of your books, your likes and dislikes, positives and negatives can change your life. Not only does this allow you to organize your thoughts (which may be scattered or temporary) but also gives you an opportunity to reflect on what’s happening in your literary life. This is the reason we strongly urge you to journal especially about books, reflect on that and plan your book months or years accordingly.

Journal regularly

The first step to auditing effectively is to make note of exactly what you’re reading. Journaling includes questions such as why you liked the book, what it added to your life and how you’re going to assimilate it all. Then you also need to classify books according to your liking, just for reference. Any random thoughts, quotes or feelings you have may be included here as well. This allows you to keep track of your literary journey. It also provides space to organize your material and have it in order in case you ever need it.

Want to Audit Your Reading Life? Read to Know How?
Want to Audit Your Reading Life?

Take out time every day to think about what you’re reading

Reflection is an important part of auditing because you cannot review something you don’t understand. In order to assess the importance of a literary work in your life, it is necessary to know exactly what literary work you’re talking about. And this requires daily introspection. People need to understand the ramifications of their actions. This shouldn’t be an arbitrary process, but a regular one. It’s important to take time out of your daily life to search for some alone time with your thoughts about your books.

Write about what worked and what didn’t in an organized way

The next step is to organize your reflections. You need to note everything you felt about the book in a systematic manner in order to allow yourself to remember it. Thus you need to write about YOUR thoughts and YOUR ideas in this column in order to review it at a glance. This will allow you to keep everything together in one place, which will greatly aid your ease of understanding.

Want to Audit Your Reading Life? Read to Know How?
Want to Audit Your Reading Life?

Plan future activities

The last part of the auditing exercise involves making judgements about your future reading based on your journaling experience. What is extremely necessary is that you steer yourself in the direction of your passions. You must make time for what you love reading, for what sets your soul on fire. This is only possible if you know exactly what you like and what you don’t. This again involves some form of reflection on what your interests really are. This will allow you to audit effectively and clearly.

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