Relationships are important. In fact, they might just be the most important thing in the world. But there is no denying that they are hard. It is tough to compromise on yourself interest in order to make someone you love happy. And you might not always be on the same page. Plus, with time, things can become rusty, and there’s a need to reconnect, whether it’s a romantic, friendly or familial relationship. Here’s a list of 5 Books to Reconnect With Family And Friends.

The Relationship Cure by John Gottman

5 Books to Reconnect With Family And Friends (The Relationship Cure)
5 Books to Reconnect With Family And Friends (The Relationship Cure)

In this book, the doctorate holder Gottman talks about the emotional connection that humans, irrespective of their social relationship share. He lays down exactly what it comprises, and tells us what key aspects it is made up of. Additionally, he also tells us how to ‘bid’ for emotional connection, thus equipping us with strategies to deal with relationships better. In short, this is a new and innovative guide to improving relationships, especially ones you think are beyond saving.

Making Conversation by Fred Dust

Making Conversation
5 Books to Reconnect With Family And Friends (Making Conversation)

This book is for business and relationships alike. This is because whether professional or personal, all relationships hinge on the fundamental aspect of conversation. One of the main ways to establish emotional connections that transcend time and last long is to have healthy and interactive conversations. This means you need to make out time for talking with people you love, even though there may be nothing to talk about. However this may not be easy. So, Dust gives seven strategies to rebuild conversations, and take lead in the relationships in your life.

Connect by David Bradford

5 Books to Reconnect With Family And Friends (Connect)
5 Books to Reconnect With Family And Friends (Connect)

One can argue that relationships form the very basis of human life because humans are social animals. This book details ways to find a great way to form lasting relationships based on a genuine, transformative emotional connection. This book takes a look at the ways in which relationships can be improved by actually practicing the art of forming connections. Combining EQ and IQ, this book is a masterful attempt at evoking humanism to strengthen relationships.

Listen Like You Mean It by Ximena Vengoechea

Listen Like You Mean It
5 Books to Reconnect With Family And Friends (Listen Like You Mean It)

Most people talk way more than they listen. The meaning of this is that people love conversation centred around themselves. They find it boring to listen to what others have to say because they lack attention and interest. But not listening to others is a form of ignoring the ad cam have a serious impact on your relationships. In this book, Ximena talks about the art of active listening, wherein you listen to others with attentiveness, empathy and acceptance. Here you show people that you’re there for them no matter what, and this gives relationships a boost.

The 5 love languages by Gary Chapman

5 Books to Reconnect With Family And Friends (The 5 love languages)
5 Books to Reconnect With Family And Friends (The 5 love languages)

Even though this book is about romantic relationships, it can basically be generalized to all forms of relationships. In this, Gary Chapman lays down the different types of ways in which people convey and express their love. Based on these ways she categorizes people into types. These are physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time and receiving gifts. Unlike categorizing people based on gender and then giving advice accordingly, this is about how people like to receive love. Knowing your family and friends’ love languages and intentionally practicing them is a huge way of improving relationships.

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