Things You Should Do With Your Mobile: We have benefited much from the Internet and mobile devices. However, there are some elements of it that are more addicting than beneficial. Social media usage is one of these things. Anyone with a social media account on a well-known app would have comparable experiences. There are some worthwhile activities you can perform on your phone in place of using social media and might even help you break that social media addiction. So, instead of using your phone for social networking, there are many productive things you can do on your mobile phone instead of scrolling it down on social media.

Manage your finance

For people of all ages, keeping tabs on your finances should be a regular habit. It is an excellent habit to form early on, especially if you have only recently begun earning money. Numerous apps exist for this purpose, the most of which are free and also offer additional paid services. You can get perspective by using a budget and a visual depiction of your costs. By directly connecting your bank accounts, the extra paid features can simplify the entire procedure. However, there are plenty of free options for beginners. Among the well-known apps for managing your finances are: Monefy YNAB, a wallet money manager etc. You can use these applications to get started budgeting and develop the habit. You can organist your budget and enhance your long-term savings with the tools they supplied.

Track Your Investments

Making consistent, wise investments can be essential for your long-term financial stability if you are in your 20s and have recently begun earning money or have been doing so for some time. You can increase your savings by investing a specific percentage of your income consistently and taking advantage of compound interest. Various app options are available depending on your investments, including various stock markets, index funds, cryptocurrency, etc.

  • can be used to stay current on stock market news.
  • Kite is a smartphone application by Zerodha that allows stock trading and investing.
  • By directly integrating your brokerage account, smallcase offers you access to a selection of equities chosen by industry professionals in which you can make investments.
Things You Should Do With Your Mobile
Things You Should Do With Your Mobile

Learn a new language

We have all desired to learn a new language at some point in our life. If you didn’t, you would lose out on all of its advantages, such as enhanced memory, greater communication abilities, and, well, learning a new language. In either case, it is far preferable to spending hours idly scrolling around social media. There are many apps available that can assist you with it. You select your level based on your proficiency and advance over time. There are several widely used language learning applications available like – Drops for Duolingo, Memrise, Mondly, Babbel etc.

Make, update and check up on schedule

Making a routine and sticking to it religiously might make you considerably more effective. Making a schedule and keeping track of it is something that every productivity book, blog, or video will stress. Even though it appears to be a simple task, it completes the task. Having a visual picture of the tasks that need to be completed during the week will enable you to fill in the blanks where you might otherwise procrastinate. For this, you can either utilise your Google calendar or one of the several different apps available, such as: Toggle, Workflow, Shift, Rescue Time etc.

Listen to interesting podcasts

The podcasting industry has seen remarkable success over the past few years. With numerous new platforms popping up and providing content across a wide range of genres, it has established itself as a popular source of entertainment. Choose a subject that interests you or that you want to learn more about, conduct some research on the top podcasts in that area, and then listen to them to take up new information. It’s arguably the easiest and most affordable way to lessen your screen time and make boring jobs more engaging. Some of the well-known podcast streaming apps available are iBooks Podcasts, Audible, Spotify, Stitcher etc.

Things You Should Do With Your Mobile
Things You Should Do With Your Mobile

Listen to audiobooks

Audio books are a really amazing innovation that has gained popularity in recent years if you enjoy reading or have trouble reading books. It is a practical and affordable solution that will assist you in lowering your screen time, much like podcasts. Audio books can be a very useful tool, especially while traveling or needing some distraction. Much better than becoming lost in social media’s black hole. Regularly listening to audiobooks is believed to increase vocabulary, listening comprehension, attention span, and critical thinking. The most widely used sites for audiobook listening are: Audiobooks, Play Books on Google, Kindle Books etc.

Install habit development apps

The easiest approach to stick to a schedule and form a habit, such as meditation or a fitness regimen, is to keep track of it. It’s crucial to set up a particular period of time for this activity and to periodically assess your progress. A meditation technique called mindfulness might help you concentrate on the here and now. It has several advantages, including improved self-acceptance, increased attention, decreased weariness, etc. Similar to tracking your food and progress with fitness apps, doing so will eventually help you attain your goals. There are frequently free fitness programmes and advice on food regimens included as well. There are various applications you can utilise depending on the exercise programme you choose.

Check out Forums

The two forums that are perhaps the most well-known are Reddit and Quora. Users can post queries on these sites, and either experts or others who share their interests will respond. On a certain topic, people discuss their thoughts, experiences, and opinions. You can participate in debates and keep up with developments on the subject of your interest. A news aggregator and community-based debate forum, REDDIT. enables users to publish articles on a certain topic. Someone may want to share a query, an opinion, or any other kind of information. Viewers can engage in a debate about this material within a post after viewing it.

Additionally, users have the ability to favour or dislike a post by giving it an upvote or downvote, which influences the post’s visibility. Users have the option to follow specific subreddits, giving them direct access to the posts they are interested in. User-controlled and question-and-answer based, QUORA is a platform. The user can do this to ask questions and receive responses from other users. Users are permitted to vote on legitimate responses, which elevates it to the top and raises its credibility. Additionally, you can follow specific topics to keep current in that field.

Things You Should Do With Your Mobile
Things You Should Do With Your Mobile

Keep up with current affairs

We are no longer reading the newspaper every day. The majority of the well-known news sources today are web- or app-based. Depending on the type of news that you enjoy reading, you can further differentiate them. You might just be interested in local news, sports, or finance. Apps are available for all of these categories. Shorter content formats are used by several news apps, which makes it simpler to stay current and minimises complexities. You can find the greatest applications on the market by performing a quick Google search for the news and material you’re looking for in the location of your choosing.

There are various activities that you can carry out on your phone aside from web browsing, social media checking, and gaming. You can do some useful things on your phone that you may not have known about. We can find ways to connect with others on social media, meet new people, and express our opinions there. It has become a component of our everyday lives. The fundamental concept is to choose a time period on the app and set aside your phone each time you want to spend some time away from your phone. The programme creates a virtual tree during this idle time that will be completely grown when the timer expires.

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