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The Origin Story of She-Hulk | Female Version of Hulk

The Origin Story of She-Hulk | Female Version of Hulk

The Origin Story of She-Hulk | Female Version of Hulk

Marvel Studios dropped the trailer for the brand-new TV show, ‘She-Hulk’. The show will be released on Disney+ and will follow the story of the incredible Jennifer Walters, a clever lawyer working in Los Angeles. The show will be an amazing opportunity to make yourself familiar with this new character and learn what makes her a great superhero. However, before we meet Jennifer Walters on our television screens, let us take a look at ‘The Origin Story of She-Hulk’ her comic counterpart.

Jennifer Walters is an attorney in Los Angeles, California. Walters’ father, Morris Walters is a Sheriff, while her mother, Elaine Walters died in an accident when Jennifer was still young. Jennifer Walters and Bruce Banner are cousins and grew up incredibly close, almost as if they were siblings.

Years later, after Jennifer became a lawyer, she took on a case that put her in danger’s way. When her cousin, Bruce Banner had come to visit her and tell her about the accident that gave him his powers, Jennifer was attacked by some men sent after her by Nicholas Trask. Trask is a crime boss, who had heard rumors that Walters possessed incriminating evidence against him. As a way to stop her from revealing these in court, Trask had sent his men to kill Walters. The men were successful in mortally wounding Jennifer, however, she was rescued by Bruce and taken to the hospital just in time.

The Origin Story of She-Hulk | Female Version of Hulk
The Origin Story of She-Hulk | Female Version of Hulk

When she arrived at the hospital, it was determined that it would be complicated to save her without a blood transfusion. Luckily, her cousin, Bruce Banner was there and turned out to be a perfect match for her. To save her, Banner initiated the blood transfusion, transferring his gamma-irradiated blood in the process. This radiation is what gave Walters her powers.

Later, Trask tried to kill Jennifer Walters once again. During this altercation, the radiated particles now present in Walters’s bloodstream activated and transformed her into a huge, green-colored humanoid being with incredible strength. This is when one of Trask’s men referred to Walters as the ‘She-Hulk’ and the name stuck. Jennifer took great care to keep her identity a secret, and would only transform into the She-Hulk when necessary. Something that sets apart Walters’ She-Hulk from Banners’ Hulk, is that she can keep her mind and consciousness even after the transformation.

Trask had not yet given up on his plan of getting rid of Jennifer Walters and continued to devise plans to do what he had set out to do. He decided, finally, to take matters into his own hands, but after mistaking her best friend, Jill, for Walters, he ended up killing her instead. Nevertheless, Trask and the rest of the world were led to believe Jennifer had died.

Eventually, Jennifer found Trask to exact revenge for what he had done to her as well as for killing her friend. Though, upon arrival, she found that Trask had kidnapped her father who had been convinced into believing that the She-Hulk was responsible for his daughter’s death. Jennifer successfully rescued her father from Trask’s clutches and got him back to safety.

The Origin Story of She-Hulk | Female Version of Hulk
The Origin Story of She-Hulk | Female Version of Hulk

As time went on, Jennifer Walters became much more comfortable with her She-Hulk form and began embracing it fully. And as far as being a team player is concerned, Jennifer Walters has been a part of many. She was asked to join the Avengers by Janet Van Dyne (The Wasp). She gladly took up the offer and also became good friends with Janet Van Dyne during this time as well.

Jennifer Walters, as the She-Hulk, also was a major part of the Secret War, which took place on a planet known as ‘Battleworld’. For some time, Jennifer had left the Avengers and joined forces with the Fantastic Four, replacing their usual fourth member, The Thing.

It was during her time with the Fantastic Four that Jennifer Walters met her prospective lover, Wyatt Wingfoot, an old ally to the Four. During their long courtship, both Jennifer and Wyatt had to face life-threatening situations and super-villains of their own.

Jennifer Walters vehemently opposed the Mutant Registration Act, and even rejoined the Avengers under Captain America’s leadership. Though at this point she was also working with the office of the District Attorney. Jennifer, for the first time, found it difficult to juggle her life as an attorney and a superhero, bringing justice to people one way or another.

The Origin Story of She-Hulk | Female Version of Hulk
The Origin Story of She-Hulk | Female Version of Hulk

Jennifer will go on to have many, many adventures, sometimes all on her own and sometimes with people who would have her back. She had once been stuck inside the Quantum Realm (pretty ironic, for someone who turns into a green giant.), and even had a few extra-terrestrial exploits. There was a time when she faced off against Xenmu, a creature who can control people in space. Despite being busy trying to save the world, Jennifer took some break from superhero duties and found some time and became engaged to Wyatt Wingfoot. This was The Origin Story of She-Hulk ‘Female version of Hulk’ in Marvel comics.

With She-Hulk’s introduction in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a lot of opportunities to introduce new characters as well as build upon some old ones have presented themselves. It will be intriguing to see exactly how Walters will receive her powers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of her story. The MCU does not stick to the origin stories of its characters that closely, as evident from the prior movies which served as introductions to these characters.

With the introduction of every new superhero, comes the immense potential to tell their story, and because it’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a chance to mold them to be a part of a much larger story. The relationships Walters will form with the other heroes part of the MCU today will be something to look out for. We will also get a glimpse at her relationship with her cousin, Bruce Banner, and see how that shapes her journey. From the trailer, it seems like Jennifer Walters is a little cynical and not too fond of superheroes, so how she deals with becoming one herself, only time will tell.

She-Hulk will be available for streaming on Disney+ from 17 August 2022.

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