The Night Shift by Alex Finlay is another excellent work after (Every Last Year). The story is about two crimes occurring fifteen years apart, with surprising similarities. In both the occasions their is just a single survivor who remembers the killer murmuring, “good evening, sweet girl,” before they left the scene. The story revolves around finding the truth behind what happened 15 years prior and the killer in the two cases.

The Night Shift By Alex Finlay Is Another Excellent Work
The Night Shift By Alex Finlay Is Another Excellent Work

It was 1999 New Year’s Eve. Four girls were working in the night shift at a Blockbuster Video store. Working” as less as they could get by with, truly, in light of the fact that their boss, Steve, was not much older than they were, and in spite of his threats of disciplinary action, he didn’t have a lot of command over them. But, there would be no party for those girls when their shift was finished. Somebody saw to that. Year 2000 was a memorable time, for the most because the world didn’t stop. Except for some. The four girls were ruthlessly attacked. Just one somehow survived. This is the way Alex Finley’s new spine chiller, The Night Shift, starts.

After fifteen years, it’s like “a feeling that this has happened before.” This time, it is an ice cream shop. Once more, four girls are brutally attacked; three of them were killed, and one girl, Jesse Duvall somehow survived. There are a few unusual similarities. Right away, the high school principal contacts Ella, the last time survivor of the attack, who is presently a counsellor.

The Night Shift by Alex Finlay which is the second novel by him, begins with a compelling scene and keeps on building the tension all through the book. More astute readers could possibly figure the killer’s character early on, however the way in which Finlay drives his reader to the big uncover gives a pleasant ride. The novel finds its place perfectly inside the secret/thrill genre with a few red herrings and instances of clever misdirection.

The characters are awesome. Although, the wrap-up happens all in all too rapidly. It’s nothing at all like the year 2000 experience – that was a humongous hype with fizzle toward the end. This. This is what I call a spine chiller!

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