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The Joker's origin (The Killing Joke) | This is How The Joker was Born

The Joker’s origin (The Killing Joke) | This is How The Joker was Born

The Joker is a DC Comics super-villain and is pretty much the most famous comic book super-villain. His real name has never been revealed and even he doesn’t truly know what it is. His aliases is the Joker. In the “telltale” Batman series he is referred to as John Doe. It is name given in America for when a person’s real name is unknown. Now there are often many different versions of quite the characters. This version of The Joker’s origin is based on the movie The Killing Joke and the comic book. It was written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland. The Joker started out as a struggling comedian with a pregnant wife and no money. He was just an ordinary person at this point with no designs on cruelty or crime.

He was living with his wife in a small house sharing with an old lady who owned the place and whom they rented off of. The two of them were behind on the rent with no money coming in and no way to pay any future. All the Joker wanted was to get a better house and a better life his family and he wanted to do this before the baby was born. But unfortunately when you don’t have any money and no job this is pretty hard to do. So he did what a lot of people have done over the years, he turned to crime. Before he decided to become a comedian he was a lab assistant at ace chemicals. But he hated this life, thus left to become a comedian to make people laugh unfortunately no one liked his jokes.

The Joker's origin (The Killing Joke)
The Joker’s origin (The Killing Joke) | This is How The Joker was Born

Two criminals he knew wanted to rob a playing card company. They decided to break into the company by going for a chemical plant, the same chemical plant the Joker used to being a lab assistant in. They needed him to guide them through the plant and to the point where it joined the playing card company next door. The criminals didn’t care about the Joker, which is using him but he was too desperate to see it and to say no.

They provided him with the disguise, a Red Hood mask. They told him that this was to protect his identity so he wouldn’t get identified. Though in truth it seemed more likely that this was the way they could use him as a fall guy and say that he planned the gig was in case the event went the wrong way. However on the day of the job was to go down, two policemen came up to him and informed him his wife had an accident and his wife had died along with the baby.

After hearing this news he had no interest in following through on the plan to rob the playing card company after all, he was only doing it to provide a better home for his family. But his partners told him the backing out was not an option. once the frame inside the chemical lab things started going wrong immediately. A security guard spotted them and does shoot out and shoot turns out since Joker had left the chemical lab they’d hired some security guards that he didn’t know about. The gang turned on the Joker to try and save themselves. But as the security guards were shooting at the Joker, Batman turned up and stopped them from firing any more shots. He tried to take the Red Hood in as peacefully as possible.

The Joker's origin (The Killing Joke)
The Joker’s origin (The Killing Joke) | This is How The Joker was Born

The Joker gets scared of Batman and walks backwards tripping over his cape and falling into a chemical VAT and flushed out through the drain. He got exposed to various chemicals which react with his Red Hood disguise and burn and alter his hair and skin turning his hair into his famous green and his skin white. Joker sees his reflection and all of the bays vents hit him an overwhelming at once they are too much for his mind to handle. He loses it he laughs his lungs out and let’s go his sanity running from the pain in his life into the comfort of madness and forgetting.

The Joker doesn’t remember most of this. Some days he does remember a version of it but he remembers the events differently from day-to-day. Remembering his past is just too painful for him to bear. All he knows for sure is they had one bad day a horrific day where everything was taken from him including his sanity.

This is actually where the Joker’s whole outlook on life comes from. He believes that one bad day are all it takes to turn a normal person crazy because that is what happened to him and he knows that deep down everyone else is the same as him. This is the reason why the Joker is fixated on Batman. He can tell the Batman also had one bad day but unlike the Joker who went through the crazy. The Joker chose total chaos and Batman chose time to order. This was the joker’s origin from the killing joke comics and movie.

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