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The Camelot Betrayal : By - Kiersten White

The Camelot Betrayal : By – Kiersten White

By – Kiersten White

The Camelot Betrayal is the sequel to The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White. Proceeding with the fantasy retelling of King Arthur. Guinevere has acknowledged her part as queen. Her relationship with Arthur is developing, yet her affections for Mordrid leave her confused. worst still, the choices she makes for her people leave a series of casualties behind her. At the point when a young lady shows up in Camelot professing to be her sister, she is persuaded that Camelot is under attack from the inside. Would she be able to get to the bottom of Guinevach’s actual personality before Camelot falls to her charms?

The Camelot Betrayal is rich with inward clashes. Guinevere battles with her actual identity, her absence of memory, and the outcomes of her choices. She battles with blames because of what she did in the previous novel. all in all, this story is all that I love about traditional fantasy. Knights, queen and king, political interest, missions, adventure. Yet in addition deception and romance. It checks all the boxes.

While magic isn’t much in this book, I still truly love the enchanting framework and world building. Guinevere’s magic is so inventive and she discovers ways to utilize it in various conditions. Particularly with regards to helping her in her missions.

Indeed, I liked the genderbending characteristics of this story. Lancelot is yet one of my number 1 characters. I valued Guinevere’s capacity to assume control over issues. She needn’t bother with her better half to save her, nor does she expect or hang tight for him to. In some cases to say the least, as we see with the enduring results of her choices.

I additionally valued that we started to see a few imperfections from Arthur. He will do anything for Camelot. but, he likewise permits feelings to blind him. This completes the cycle toward the finish of the book when his feelings are utilized against him.

The story finished on a cliffhanger. I have mixed emotions about that since it was baffling yet it likewise alludes to the possibility to come. The whole book, Guinevere battles with her character. She has such countless questions. With this ending, she is finally in a spot where she will find who she truly is. We are FINALLY going to find answers! However, the wait will kill me.

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