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The 10 Best Underwater Superheroes in Comics

The 10 Best Underwater Superheroes in Comics

While Aquaman might be the first name that springs to mind when we think of underwater superheroes, he’s far from the only one. In the sprawling seas of the comic book world, a surprising number of superheroes can master and manipulate water with astounding prowess. From the rippling pages of both Marvel and DC universes, we’ve sifted out ten of the best water-wielding superheroes. They not only make a splash but also ride the wave of aquatic adventure, proving there’s a lot more beneath the surface when it comes to water-based superpowers. I’ve plunge into the list of 10 best underwater superheroes in comics. Buckle up, because it’s time to go with the flow!



DC Comics’ Aquaman stands as the iconic embodiment of water-based superheroes. Not only has he served as a model for other heroes, but he also bears the responsibility of safeguarding their well-being. Aquaman’s power is undeniably immense. As the ruler of 71% of the Earth’s surface, he commands a formidable army of aquatic life and controls the world’s most formidable and impactful force: water. With mastery over water manipulation, he can wield it with astonishing versatility—shaping, heating, propelling, solidifying, and even summoning it from the ocean depths or the heavens above. Beyond his aquatic prowess, Aquaman possesses superhuman strength, speed, and durability, all coupled with an extended lifespan.


The 10 Best Underwater Superheroes in Comics - Namor
The 10 Best Underwater Superheroes in Comics – Namor

Before Namor’s birth, Leonard McKenzie, along with his crew, embarked on a quest to locate the rumored Lemurian city housing a mythical artifact. Unaware that the city was actually Atlantis, Leonard, suspecting his crew member’s destructive intentions, planted explosives to bury the artifact and the city. However, the explosion inflicted heavy damage upon Atlantis. To investigate the surface-level disturbance, the King of Atlantis dispatched his daughter, Fen. During her mission, Fen and Leonard unexpectedly encountered each other and fell in love, unbeknownst to the King.

In a bid to retrieve his missing daughter, the King unleashed his finest warriors, leading to the slaughter of Leonard’s crew and Fen’s eventual return to Atlantis. Nine months later, Namor, the world’s first hybrid of Homo sapien and Homo mermanus, came into existence. Namor possesses extraordinary power, granting him control over water and a range of abilities. Alongside his aquatic manipulation, he possesses superhuman strength, stamina, and durability, attains swimming speeds surpassing 60 mph, and exhibits resilience in freezing conditions.

Aspen Matthews

Aspen Matthews
Aspen Matthews

Born from the union of Rahger of the Black and Eilah of the Blue, two formidable water-based beings, Aspen carries the combined genetic makeup of her parents, making her the most potent being in existence. Her powers are nothing short of extraordinary. Aspen can summon and manipulate tsunamis, tidal waves, and ocean currents with ease. She possesses the ability to shape and resize water at will, crafting it into any form, even creating platforms to traverse.

Additionally, she commands control over all forms of liquid, granting her the ability to manipulate her enemies’ blood, causing devastating internal damage. Aspen wields energy blasts, possesses telepathic skills, and exhibits mastery over ice manipulation. Most impressively, she can transform her own body into liquid and reform it as needed.


The 10 Best Underwater Superheroes in Comics - Mera
The 10 Best Underwater Superheroes in Comics – Mera

Mera is one of the most influential women in the realm of DC Comics. Alongside Aquaman, she fearlessly patrols the Seven Seas, safeguarding Atlantis and forging connections between land and sea dwellers. As the Queen of Atlantis, Mera is not only a force to be reckoned with underwater but also on land, solidifying her position as one of the fiercest individuals in both realms.

Her unimaginable power and awe-inspiring abilities command attention and respect from all who encounter her. Mera’s unparalleled reputation is exemplified by Batman himself, who extended an invitation for her to join the esteemed Justice League. She is Aquaman’s equal in every sense, not a subordinate, sidekick, or mere companion.



Possessing superhuman strength, the ability to breathe underwater, accelerated recovery, control over water currents, telepathy with sea life, and even dimensional travel. Similar to Roy Harper, Garth is an integral member of the esteemed Teen Titans, one of DC’s most significant superhero teams.

Over time, Garth has emerged from the shadow of his Aqualad persona, adopting the name Tempest. As Tempest, he acquired additional powers, granting him control over water temperature, manipulation of water, and the ability to unleash a destructive force from his eyes. However, these newfound abilities came at a price – he temporarily lost his telepathic connection with marine life. Fortunately, his powers eventually returned to their full potential, solidifying Garth as one of the most formidable characters both on land and beneath the waves.


The 10 Best Underwater Superheroes in Comics - Dolphin
The 10 Best Underwater Superheroes in Comics – Dolphin

In her youth, Dolphin had an unfortunate incident where she fell from a cruise ship, only to be saved and captured by an alien race with ulterior motives. Subjected to their experiments, she gained various aquatic adaptations. After finally escaping, Dolphin lived a solitary life, surviving by scavenging underwater. Seeking companionship, she encountered a life-threatening shark encounter, but was saved by a human crew who took her in and taught her about humanity. Although she learned to communicate, Dolphin remains a woman of few words due to her prolonged isolation. Adapted to underwater life, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, durability, and the ability to breathe underwater, swim long distances, and withstand the immense pressures of the deep ocean.

Kaldur’ahm – Aqualad

Kaldur’ahm - Aqualad
Kaldur’ahm – Aqualad

Raised by adoptive parents who instilled a fear of water in him to suppress his powers, Aqualad emerges as one of the most formidable offspring in the comic world. Regardless of the origin story, one fact remains constant: he is the son of Aquaman’s greatest nemesis, Black Manta. While Black Manta’s genetic contribution may not be notable, it is Aqualad’s mother, a descendant of the Xebel Tribe, who grants him incredible abilities.

With Atlantean strength and the remarkable power to manipulate water at will, Aqualad can summon tidal waves, create tsunamis, and even shape weapons from water. Additionally, he possesses the ability to breathe underwater, see into the deepest ocean depths, wield hydrokinesis, and discharge electrical bolts from his fingertips. Aqualad’s impressive lineage and mastery over aquatic forces make him a force to be reckoned with in both land and sea.


The 10 Best Underwater Superheroes in Comics - Namora
The 10 Best Underwater Superheroes in Comics – Namora

Namora made her debut in Marvel Mystery Comics #82, where she was illustrated by Ken Blast and inked by Syd Shores. Her original costume design was crafted by Bill Everett, the creator of Namor. Much like Namor, Namora possesses incredible powers both on land and underwater. Underwater, she is almost unparalleled in her abilities, with remarkable swimming speeds that surpass those of boats. She possesses multiple superhuman attributes, allowing her to see and breathe underwater, and she is immune to the chilling depths of the ocean.

However, unlike Namor, Namora had a prolonged absence from publication, with only a few flashback appearances for almost half a century. But upon her return, she quickly reestablished herself as a formidable force to be reckoned with. Namora’s resurgence solidified her status as an indomitable presence in the Marvel universe.



Namorita, a clone of Namora and cousin to Namor, came into existence under extraordinary circumstances. Namora, unable to conceive, agreed to have Namorita’s embryo implanted inside her. Tragically, both Namora and her father perished shortly after Namorita’s birth. Left orphaned and vulnerable, Namorita fell prey to manipulation by one of Namor’s foes. Fed with lies, she initially clashed with Namor upon their first encounter.

However, their shared bloodline soon became apparent, leading to a revelation and understanding between them. Recognizing their familial connection, Namor and Namorita joined forces to combat their common enemies. This event marked a turning point in their relationship, as they united to confront the challenges that lay ahead, forging a bond that transcended their initial conflict.


The 10 Best Underwater Superheroes in Comics - Triton
The 10 Best Underwater Superheroes in Comics Triton

Triton made his debut in December 1965, within the pages of Fantastic Four #45, brought to life by the legendary creative team of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. As an Inhuman, Triton underwent the transformative experience of walking through the Terrigen Mists upon reaching adulthood. The effects of the Mists vary among individuals, and for Triton, it resulted in a physical metamorphosis accompanied by extraordinary aquatic abilities.

These included the power to breathe and perceive underwater, along with a host of superhuman attributes. Endowed with immense power, Triton played a crucial role within the Inhuman society, serving on the Royal Council and aiding their leader, Black Bolt, in matters of governance. Additionally, he forged a close bond with Earth’s own aquatic hero, Namor. Triton’s significance as a member of the Inhumans solidifies his place among the roster of water-wielding superheroes.

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