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One of Us Is Back: by Karen M. McManus

One of Us Is Back: by Karen M. McManus

‘One of Us is Back’ by Karen M. McManus brilliantly wraps up the thrilling ‘One of Us is Lying’ series. The novel not only reunites the compelling characters from ‘One of Us is Lying’ and ‘One of Us is Next,’ but it also provides a gratifying resolution for each one’s story arc. In the captivating world of Bayview High, this third installment seamlessly builds on the first book’s tale of four students becoming murder suspects and the sequel’s riveting mystery of a deadly truth or dare game.

One of Us Is Back: by Karen M. McManus
One of Us Is Back: by Karen M. McManus

The narrative is filled with unexpected twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat, turning page after page to discover the next revelation. It may use traditional character tropes, such as clueless detectives and teenagers with wits beyond their years, but it does so exceptionally well, injecting freshness into this popular young adult series. ‘One of Us is Back’ delivers a fun and engaging climax to an already intriguing series, leaving the reader thoroughly satisfied.”

Plot and Character Development in “One of Us Is Back”

In “One of Us is Back,” we’re privy to the perspectives of two key members from the original Bayview Four – Nate McCauley and Addy Prentiss – as well as a new addition to the Bayview fold, Phoebe Lawton. Admittedly, I harbored initial reservations about this choice, as my preferences lean more toward Maeve and Bronwyn Rojas. However, by the book’s conclusion, I was utterly enamored.

For starters, the character development is profound and thoughtfully executed. From the first page to the last, we bear witness to the characters’ emotional evolution and their journey towards grappling with their feelings, family dynamics, and past traumas. Moreover, the narrative structure, specifically the choice of POV, underpins the storyline brilliantly.

The fondness I developed for these characters – Nate, in particular – was significant. I was entirely invested in their narrative arc, and my admiration for them grew exponentially by the end. I found the “found family” trope deployed in the book to be particularly engaging – aptly named “the Bayview Crew” or “the Murder Club.” It was a delightful melange of romantic partners, friends, and relatives, who together formed an unconventional family.

The interactions between the characters were quite entertaining, as were the glimpses we get into the romantic couples’ dynamics. Although Bronwyn and Nate remained my top pick, other pairings came dangerously close to unseating them from their pedestal.

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