Most Scary Horror Mangas for Adults: Manga covers a wide range of topics and themes, just like its anime counterparts. There are many different genres for fans of the medium to enjoy, from action-packed shonen to dramatic shojo to more mature seinen features. But no genre has gained as much notoriety as horror, which offers never-ending thrills in both classic and contemporary programs.

But even with hugely well-known horror writers like Junji Ito, it may be challenging to track down the spookiest manga. Some series have developed a huge reputation, whether readers are new to the subject or seasoned readers seeking something a little different. Here are some of the most thrilling and terrifying options available.


9 Most Scary Horror Mangas for Adults - Opus
9 Most Scary Horror Mangas for Adults – Opus

Chikara Nagai, a manga artist, is currently concluding his ongoing serial Resonance by having the protagonist, investigator, and telepath Satoko Miura, battle the brainwashing cult leader of the “Nameless Faith,” the Masque, and by having the esper Lin sacrifice himself to destroy the Masque. Amid a struggle between Satoko and the Masque, Nagai is drawn into his manga as he is working past his deadline and confronts the irate Lin snatching the two-page spread of his death. In the meantime, the Masque brainwashes Chief Hanamura of the Special Forces to find them while she aids him in escaping.

When Lin discovers the Masque, they engage in combat outside the lines of the originally designed manga, exposing gaps that open to different pages. Satoko is shot when Lin tries to flee with her through a crevice when the chief catches them.

Venus in the Blind Spot

Venus in the Blind Spot
Venus in the Blind Spot

The stories in Venus in the Blind Spot frequently center on interpersonal conflicts rather than purely supernatural ones. The men who fell in love with the woman whose father leads a UFO research club are the main characters of the title narrative. Over time, the men discover that while they can still hear the object of their affections when she approaches them physically, they can no longer see her. Although it appears to be some sort of supernatural cockblock, the real perpetrator is more commonplace yet nevertheless disturbing.


9 Most Scary Horror Mangas for Adults - Ibitsu
9 Most Scary Horror Mangas for Adults – Ibitsu

Numerous mangas examine the horrors of monsters and enigmatic situations. However, only a few are completely spooky and unsettling. The manga Ibitsu, which includes a fantastic epic about a demonic gothic creature and the urban legend around her, most definitely fits this description.

Ibitsu relates the tale of Kazuki Itou, his younger sister, and the goth demon who wants to be Kazuki’s sister in her stead. The audience is left wondering whether Kazuki has the intelligence to defend his sibling as the horror manga examines the delicate nature of familial bonds vs pure horror. Ibitsu is an excellent choice for viewers looking for a mix between compelling character development and the spooky side of horror, all things considered.



The titular story, a serial murderer thriller that gradually becomes more meta and outlandish, makes up the majority of the book’s first half. A brief interview with Kago (as well as a few short pieces) may be found in the book’s second half. Ryuichi Kasumi is a Japanese crime fiction author.


9 Most Scary Horror Mangas for Adults - Parasyte
9 Most Scary Horror Mangas for Adults – Parasyte

They enter in silence and the dark. They come down from the sky, crave the flesh of humans. They are found throughout. They are alien parasites that must infiltrate and seize control of a human host to survive. Additionally, after they have infected their victims, they can transform into any lethal shape they like, such as beings with swords for hands, winged demons, or monsters with enormous jaws. However, the majority have opted to hide their deadly intent behind realistic human appearances. Therefore, nobody is aware of their secret other than a typical high school student. Can Shin find a way to warn humanity of the horrors to come while fighting an alien parasite for control of his own body?

Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue
Perfect Blue

“CHAM!” is a J-pop idol group, and Mima Kirigoe intends to leave the group so she can work as an actress full-time. She is harassed by Me-Mania, an obnoxious fan who is offended by her departure from a tidy image. Mima finds “Mima’s Room,” a website with public journal entries written from her perspective and with extensive documentation of her everyday life and thoughts, by following the instructions in a fan letter. She is accompanied by her manager, former pop star Rumi Hidaka, and her agency Tadokoro throughout her acting career. Rumi advises Mima to disregard “Mima’s Room,” which she confides in him about.

Amazing Freak Show

9 Most Scary Horror Mangas for Adults - Amazing Freak Show
9 Most Scary Horror Mangas for Adults – Amazing Freak Show

A traveling freak show adopts Midori, an orphan girl. Characters from the freak show include a snake woman, a drooling man with no limbs, and a mummy man. The titular Mr. Arashi, the freak show’s proprietor, is a severe guy who gives his freaks little freedom or joy in life. He treats the protagonist Midori particularly poorly. Since she is normal, Midori works as a caretaker of the freaks rather than becoming one herself.

Pet Shop of Horrors

Pet Shop of Horrors
Pet Shop of Horrors

The enigmatic owner of a pet store in Los Angeles’ Chinatown goes by the name “Count D.” D’s uncommon pets, all of which have oddly human-like appearances, each come with a contract that outlines three key things. Although each animal’s contract stipulates that it must not be shown to anyone, these points vary for each animal sold. Breaking this contract typically entails serious (and occasionally upsetting) repercussions for the buyer, for which the pet shop disclaims all responsibility.


9 Most Scary Horror Mangas for Adults - Doubt
9 Most Scary Horror Mangas for Adults – Doubt

The plot of Doubt centers around the imaginary mobile game “Rabbit Doubt,” in which participants pretend to be rabbits living in a colony. One of these players is randomly selected to play the role of a wolf invading the group. As the rabbits are eliminated one by one until only the wolf is left, the rabbits must correctly identify the wolf in each round.

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